New Summer Cocktail Menu @ The Botanist

The Botanist has launched an all new collection of phytology-inspired cocktails just in time for summer. Expect pipettes, dry ice and atomisers. Oooooooh.

The new line-up features cocktails to stimulate the senses featuring homemade botanical essences and scents, and using atomisers to creative an immersive experience. New additions include the Passionfruit & Basil Crush, Lemon & Jasmine Collins, Blueberry & Passionfruit Martini, Poppy & Pomegranate Fizz, and Elderflower & Lavender Fizz.

A selection of Botanical cocktails have been curiously curated for the new menu, too. Featuring the whimsical Peach & Apple Pot, summer-essential Pimms Tea Cup, Pear & Tea-Wi Cup and an update for one of The Botanist’s signature cocktails; Apricot & Peach Smash. All Botanical cocktails are served in plant pots and feature plenty of ‘cocktail theatre’ – with dry ice creating a spectacle to behold.

The Botanist
The Botanist’s unique flair to old favourites is also seeing the Classic Old Fashioned reimagined with flavours of Rhubarb and Gin, and a Mint Julep with hedgerow flavours of blackberry.

Nick Whitby, head of bars at The Botanist says the menu is a ‘perfect combination of science and botany’. He said: “Phytology and mixology were key when creating the menu.

“Our Green Martini is so colourful and nourishing due to the ingredients we use; this particular cocktail features tested and verified Chlorophyll, which is the green pigment responsible for helping plants absorb light.”

The Botanist

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