New bistro to open in Sharrow Vale

A new eatery will be joining the Sharrow Vale independent scene this July, with Oliver’s bringing vibrant, gourmet lunch foods to the mix.

Opening on the former grounds of Parachute Hair Salon on Hickmott Road, the contemporary café is set to specialise in customisable sandwiches and salads, with a focus on high quality, locally-sourced produce.

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On top of ‘served-all-day’ lunch bites, there will be brunch for early risers and more substantial meals such as burgers and grilled meats or seafood for bigger appetites. The melting pot of fresh flavours on the menu also includes an impressive selection of over 20 different vinaigrettes to dress your food exactly to your liking.

David Fashanu is behind the new venue, a chef from Singapore who moved to Sheffield following stints at Michelin-Starred restaurants in his home country and Australia. He told Exposed: “The idea was to keep cost down by focusing on salads and sandwiches, but without compromising quality. We wanted to create a healthy, balanced menu. For those that want something more than just a salad, like protein, we have a stone grill and serve steaks, sea bass, chicken breast, king prawns, stuffed squid, etc. And if that was still not enough and wanted some carbohydrates to fill you up, we offer sides in form of wild rice, couscous, dumplings, chips, mash, fritters, and more.”

The menu will rotate on a weekly basis, but they will be taking special orders and bookings over the phone. With a focus on supporting local business at its core, Oliver’s will be serving beers from local breweries such as Brew Foundation and Abbeydale, Sheffield wines from Starmore Boss and coffee beans courtesy of Forge Roasters. In addition, meats and seafood will be provided by their Sharrowvale neighbours Roney and J.H. Mann. They will also be offering catering services to private and public events, as well as businesses in the area.

Oliver’s is aiming to open to the Sheffield public by mid-August. Find out more here: olivers-sheffield.com

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