Hidden Gem: Chakra Lounge

Tucked away in Fitzalan Square, Chakra Lounge is a cosy lounge café opened towards the end of 2020 and offers irresistible Indian cuisine with a modern British twist.

Chakra Lounge prides itself on being 90 per cent veggie and vegan, serving up a unique take on Indian and British cuisines from a quirky menu including breakfast items like ‘Grandma’s special turmeric porridge’ and other twists on Western breakfasts.

Elsewhere on the menu are popular Indian snacks like maggi noodles and samosa chaat, heartier portions of curry and rice bowls, as well as authentic Indian coffee, and delicious cakes, many of which are vegan and gluten-free.

Images taken by Ellie Grace

Founder Sam moved to the UK from India in 2008 as a student. “When you come here from India, you have a culture shock. Trying to live on a budget as a student and trying to find things which are available in this country to mix with our own spices was difficult and is how the idea for The Chakra Lounge originally came about all those years ago.”

The Sheffield site is one of four Chakra Lounge venues, with thriving ventures already established in Buxton, Bakewell, and India. The flagship Sheffield site also recently had a bit of a spruce up, expanding downstairs to offer customers a new cosy space to kick back with one of their blueberry iced mochas, or a delicious Punjabi vegan thali.

Sam’s younger brother was a chef in Hyatt until he moved to the UK in 2021 and has now taken over the ‘cheffing side’ of the business in Sheffield. It wasn’t until Sam got into reiki and spiritualism that he opened the first Chakra Lounge. “The idea was to make an experience where people can come and relax, somewhere they’re not on edge. It’s not about being quick and high table turnover. It’s a place where people can come and balance their thoughts and mind.”


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