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Food Review: Bungalows & Bears go Vegan

We thought we’d head down to Bungalows and check out their stellar new menu! Before you ask, yes, they’ve still got burgers. And yes, it’s still 2-4-1 on Tuesdays. And, yes, they’ve ‘gone vegan’… but not completely! Here’s 5 of the best new dishes. B&B have kindly offered our followers 20% off ’til the end of April, just show the video below when you order.

  1. Dirty Nachos (Vegan)
    These were an absolute blast, and MASSIVE. Not just the amount of food but the nachos themselves required snapping and were perfect for scooping up the toppings of spicy chickpeas and a melted Gouda alternative. There were also tons of chilli, spring onion, salsa and coriander making for a nice, fresh dish compared to the usual gunk fest you get elsewhere. Plus it’s guilt-free and vegan. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.
  2. Sloppy Jalopy
    It wouldn’t be B&B without a burger, so we thought we’d try the intriguing new headliner, the Sloppy Jalopy, a British/Irish beef patty completely dripping with cheese wizz and Barber’s cheddar. Like any good mega-burger, it’s completely impossible to eat with your hands so we tucked in with knives and forks, which made sharing slightly easier too. The new burger buns are a marked improvement on the old’uns – they’re spongy and soft yet hold together nicely. At £7.50 you’re absolutely robbing the place IMO, and if you get it on a 2-4-1 on a Tuesday you’re making the £1 Rustlers crew at home look like total mugs. Definitely up there with the best burgers in town.
  3. Beyond Meat Burger (Vegan)
    How this costs more than the Sloppy Jalopy I will never understand, but it seriously is beyond meat. As a meat-eater who’s trying to cut down, this burger bodes very well for the future of eco-conscious dining. The LA company Beyond Meat started in 2009, and they’ve perfected their craft – flavoursome, texturally on-point, this plant based patty was the real deal. The crunch of the tobacco onions and lettuce nicely fitted into the linseed bun, and we were left fighting over every last bite.
  4. Sausage and Mash
    Bungalows have somehow taken a relatively safe pub classic and actually made it look extravagant, somehow balancing tons of crispy onions over two huge swirled sausages resting on spring onion mash. This tower of power swims elegantly in a red wine jus, making for a zero to hero, pub grub to gourmet transformation.
  5. Sides: Southern Fried Chicken, Chicken Wings and Halloumi Fries
    B&B have upped their chicken game. I’m not just saying that. The staff wasted no time at all explaining the extremely complicated new chicken battering technique to me, and I’m pretty sure they said it fast so I couldn’t leak the secret to anyone. I’m not gonna go all chicken connoisseur on you, but it’s 5/5. The wings were pretty special too, we opted for the Sweet & Smoky BBQ sauce. They were also covered in spring onions, chilli and sesame seeds, which was a nice touch. It’s nice to see Halloumi Fries on the new menu for those days when just having normal fries isn’t enough.

The Bungalows menu has been seriously expanded with a range of plant-based dishes alongside pub grub classics, more burgers and even Sunday roasts! There’s also tons of new sides such as calamari, dirty vegan fries and chargrilled brocolli. Don’t forget you can get 20% off ’til the end of April just by showing this article when you order.

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