Ego Trip – “Ego should be on the map for just about any foodie enthusiast.”

While Sheffield certainly has no shortage of excellent eateries, in my opinion there are few that truly stand out in such a way as Ego. Tucked away, neatly, into two separate corners of the city, this chain of Mediterranean restaurants provides nothing if not the finest examples of food from that region presented here in South Yorkshire to excite your palate. Combining recipes for which the Greeks and Italians have prided themselves on for centuries, Ego is a truly delectable experience, flavoursome and fulfilling.

I first encountered Ego two years ago when it was suggested to me by a friend of mine and, upon entering a sparsely populated restaurant in the middle of a lazy summer afternoon I was struck by the relative calm and coolly collected ease of the environment. Lofty timbers lower above the heads of patrons, whilst clear glass provides a window to the world outside you are able to watch passers-by go on their merry way.
Tables are spacious and the chairs are comfortable, the staff are friendly and accommodating. But we must now to the food…

A favourite of mine is the calamari fritti, lightly spiced with paprika and complete with a tartar dipping sauce. But, perhaps you might enjoy the Paella Mixta, Spaghetti Carbonara, Risotta Verde, a traditional stone-bake pizza or, perhaps, even a tapas board to share.
With its relaxing atmosphere, I automatically found Ego a pleasant and all together fantastic place to eat, the food went down a treat and so it is no wonder that I have made several return trips since then. Ego offers a very mature setting, but one that is perfectly suited either to an afternoon or evening outing. Children are welcome, though admittedly it is much more pleasant to enjoy a meal without the pitter-patter of little feet, and I am sure that my fellow patrons feel much the same, especially when there is the temptation of an open bar.
I recently ate at the second Ego location, a newly refurbished Dore Moor Inn (a much required update, I must say) and found the addition of the village’s older residents a welcome balm, one that contributed to the general cosy-ness of the ambiance and fit rather snugly into the village surroundings.

Having experienced Ego both with friends and family, I can say that the restaurant is well matched for either, though for those out on the lash it may be regarded as too congenial.

Nevertheless, Ego should be on the map for just about any foodie enthusiast. With a delicious menu and a selection of weekly and seasonal alterations, Ego is an all-year round treat.

So, what are you waiting for?

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