DoubleTapp: Rewarding Insta posts with free food

Picture the scene. You’re at one of your favourite trendy Sheffield restaurants, your food has just arrived and you’ve whipped out the iPhone to flex for the Gram. A standard night out, right?

Imagine this. If you’re Insta post gets more than, for example, 50 likes, you can claim a free bottle of wine the next time you visit that restaurant? Sounds spot on, doesn’t it? That’s where Ashley Staines and the DoubleTapp app come in. “It’s about using your customers as a marketing tool and the customers being rewarded for it. So customers, get posting, get tagging, rack up them likes and then head back to that venue to make use of that free bottle of wine or cocktail. I want to say hard earned, but let’s be honest, it’s not hard at all! 

“Instagram is a social network, but companies really aren’t leveraging that network effect yet. They spend so much time working on their content and continue posting to their following of say 5000 people but using DoubleTapp, in just one day they could have 10 customers posting to their followings of 1000 each.”

The man behind the app, Ashley Staines, is familiar with the Sheffield food scene and, since leaving the city a few years back, has watched the food scene grow from afar. “I graduated from Sheffield University in 2013 and spent six years as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs but I’d had enough. I wanted to make something, it didn’t matter what. I love the idea of people loving something I’ve come up with.

“I came back in July 2018 to launch DoubleTapp after raising 100k through friends and family. We’ll be doing a lot more crowdfunding as the year goes on too, so watch out for that!”

Business testimonial
“Partnering up with DoubleTapp not only helped to increase our online exposure and reach new audiences, but also provided an excellent way to engage with our customers and reward their loyalty.” – Katy, DoubleTapp client.

User testimonials:
“We can’t wait to see what new offers are introduced in the future as DoubleTapp grows” – Jack (earned three rewards)
“Earning rewards as a result of posting awareness for brands is a simple concept but DoubleTapp makes that accessible for everyone and does it in an extremely effective way” – Chloe (earned four rewards)

New venues
Church, Edo Sushi, Crystal, West Street Live, Players.

Expanded into coffee with:
Gaard, Coffika, Couch
Looking to move into fitness and beauty. DoubleTapp is looking for any businesses looking to trial for free.

Results for businesses
Some seeing up to 200% increase in customer posts, and it has only been live 1 month.
The average spend of returning customers on top of their reward is £19.50.
It is working both in terms of loyalty and exciting exposure.

You can download DoubleTapp from iOS now. More info at

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