Deckards on beers, bao and bringing their famous buns to your door

We catch up with the chaps from Barrowboy’s in-house street food traders Deckards to see what they’ve been up to during lockdown…

Hey guys, we’re missing the bao! How have you been getting on during these strange times?
We’ve pretty much adapted and pivoted our business model towards a takeaway business, so that the people of Sheffield can still get their hands on our bao!

For those not yet familiar with the beauty of bao buns yet, can you fill them in?
Bao buns are soft and fluffy Taiwanese steamed buns. They are the memory foam of the bread world – the perfect vessel to be filled with either meat or veggies. We pack ours with Korean brisket, buttermilk fried halloumi and cherry cola glazed pork belly, to name just a few tasty fillings.

What are your hopes for the future once we get on top of all this?
We just can’t wait to get back to trading at street food events, working alongside all the different traders and being apart of that buzz of people all having a good time. Same goes for Barrowboy! We are looking really forward to the bar being back; it doesn’t feel the same without the staff, the regulars, or the beers and cocktails flowing.

We might not be able to hangout with you at Barrowboy or Peddler, but at least we can order in some soft ‘n’ fluffy action. You’ve also been dabbling with a few other bits on the menu too?
Ah, we are definitely missing the hangouts! We really miss interacting with our customers and all the other traders. When lockdown happened we were given the gift of free time, which is a rarity in our line of work! As of such, we’ve been experimenting in the kitchen and trying new stuff to bring to the menu, and one area we’ve focused on is the dessert menu. We’ve been trying to find that mix of American-style food that invokes nostalgia, but adding our signature Asian flavour profile. We’ve got a few things jotted down but one that we really love has to be the yuzu meringue pie. Oh, and we’ve just started to make our own ice cream as well, which has been a lot of fun – and just in time for this glorious lockdown weather! // @deckardsfood

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