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China Red: Sheffield’s number one Szechuan restaurant

With a restaurant on The Moor and a new street food stand in Cutlery Works, China Red is the place to go for authentic Szechuan food in Sheffield.

Established in 2006, China Red strives to offer authentic Szechuan cuisine in the heart of the city.

Traditionally trained chefs turn fresh ingredients into speciality dishes that rival those offered in China. The atmospheric restaurant offers ample seating to accommodate anyone from couples to large parties, and the upper floor also boasts a karaoke bar with state-of-the-art amenities and equipment. Kelvin Quick, who also runs the successful ALS Gongcha bubble tea venture in Sheffield, is the current owner of China Red, having worked his way up from a part-time position back in 2008, and is passionate about the restaurant’s commitment to deliciously different dishes.

Szechuan food, originating from Sichuan Province in Southwest China, uses spices for flavour rather than intense heat and often includes Szechuan peppercorns, an ingredient unlike any other that creates a tingling sensation on your tongue when eaten. Unlike most of the Chinese restaurants and takeaways we are used to in the UK, China Red focuses specifically on this unique cuisine and serves authentic dishes such as hot pot (a simmering broth filled with various tasty ingredients like egg noodles, eggs, meats, veggies, tofu and even dumplings) and lamb with cumin.

The restaurant makes its own pickled vegetables, a staple in typical Szechuan households, and chilli oil, which Kelvin describes as “the essence of Szechuan food” and fills the restaurant with the aroma of slow roasted chillies and spices as it’s being freshly made each week. Alongside Chinese groceries, the restaurant sources fresh produce like meat and seafood from local suppliers in Sheffield. This approach means they often have new specials available, alongside a flexible menu which encourages diners to share dishes so everyone can try a bit of everything.

All China Red’s chefs are from Sichuan Province, creating a strong identity and ensuring authentic cookery at both the restaurant and street food stall. There are some classic Chinese dishes available alongside the more adventurous options, so whether you are completely new to Szechuan food or addicted to the tongue-tingling flavours of this delicious cuisine, China Red is not to be missed.

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