Bubble tea outlet Chatime to open in Sheffield

Chatime is a Taiwanese global franchise teahouse operating a whopping 1,002 outlets across the world, 22 of those are in the UK and Sheffield is set to be the next.

Taiwanese bubble tea also known as boba is the name given to a range of milk/fruit teas served with chewy tapioca balls which are sucked up through a straw.

You can choose the temperature, sugar level, amount of ice and most importantly – the flavour. Jasmine, mango, honeydew, taro, peach, matcha, lychee, the list is endless. Check out the full menu here.

If you don’t fancy tapioca balls, there are also other toppings such as coconut jelly, red bean and egg pudding.

Find them on 38 Division Street where the old O2 store used to be, next to William Hill and the old Costa.

They’re also hiring so send your CV to if you’re interested in shaking it up.

Sheffield sure doesn’t have a shortage of bubble tea stores at the moment but Chatime will definitely be a welcome addition.

Chatime is set to launch late September, head to their website and social media for more info.

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