Best Chinese in Sheffield

There really is nothing quite like excellent Chinese food. The range of flavours, the choice of dishes and the sense that it is whisking you away to a far off country. If you are lucky enough to live in Sheffield, then there are some great restaurants that any Chinese food lover just needs to check out.

Noodle Doodle
Noodle Doodle is such a fun name to say and they bring us some of the finest Chinese food in Sheffield. Noodle Doodle has a Malaysian influence and as such includes dishes exclusive to that area. These are a great addition to an already robust Chinese menu. The atmosphere is great and the waiting staff are second to none. As the name suggests they specialise in noodles and have a great selection of related dishes to choose from. If you live or are visiting the Sheffield area then you really must visit.

Hui Wei
Hui Wei is a more like your typical Chinese restaurant. Classic, but delicious dishes to be enjoyed in a contemporary setting with great waiting staff and a lovely atmosphere. Instead of trying to push new flavours or introduce dishes from different regions, Hui Wei instead focuses on serving the best possible Chinese food they can. And they succeeded in spades. This is a proverbial gold mine of Chinese food delights that once you have visited will have you coming back time after time.

Oisoi is for those who don’t mind splashing a bit of extra cash. With a vast and encompassing range of dishes and a unique restaurant decor, Oisoi is a marvellous restaurant that you always want to revisit. Oisoi sets itself apart further by using artisan ingredients and including fusion dishes on its menu. However, if you can’t visit this amazing restaurant right now because you aren’t in Sheffield at the moment or just feel like a relaxing night in then you could let somewhere like Deliveroo do a Chinese delivery of restaurant quality food straight to your door. They have a great selection of restaurants and menus so even your friends who aren’t that into Chinese food can enjoy a great meal.
Chinese food
Soya Express
Renowned for their attractive lunch deals and homemade noodles and tofu, Soya Express have amassed a loyal lunch-time following in the short time that they have been open. Its Friday queues are synonymous with its success, only serving to prove just how popular their food is with locals. And as they say – when in a new place, eat where the locals eat because you just know it’s going to be good! From fried beancurd to chicken, beef and pork dishes, you won’t be bringing your homemade sandwiches for lunch for much longer!

Noodles Ta
This place is always busy even though it’s relatively new, which is the telltale sign of a good place to eat. They make their own signature handpulled noodles in-house and every dish they serve is packed full of flavour which makes it a difficult place to forget. It’s the kind of establishment you end up recommending to people simply because you walk away entirely satisfied. It’s fast service without compromising on the quality of the food. Another must-try.

Wong Ting
This Cantonese restaurant is the perfect place to pick up some authentic Dim Sum. Join the hustle and bustle of the Sunday lunch crowd or indulge in a feast for the family for dinner, either way, Wong Ting’s your place. Their service adds another selling point to an already great establishment, with friendly servers providing the all-important foundations to such a popular haunt. Reasonably priced, Wong Ting is guaranteed to satiate those food cravings.


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