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A Homage to Cheese

What’s your favourite kind of cheese? Strong cheese. Melty cheese. Soft cheese. Stringy cheese. Homage 2 Fromage has it all at their monthly cheese club..

Don’t worry, they’re a far cry from the snobby cheese and wine tastings you’re probably imagining right about now. Homage 2 Fromage are all about having fun while tasting the best cheeses around, and each night holds a different theme to make it all the more interesting.

Around 8 cheeses are available at each event, all unnamed to start with so you can have a bit of fun with guessing what they all are. Founder Nick Copland introduces himself and greets us all before shouting “CHEESE!” which is the cue for everyone to stampede towards the cheese table.

Their next event is on Wednesday 19th July at Tamper Coffee Sellers Wheel, this time the spotlight will be shining on French Cheese, and we all know that France is home to many cheesey delights. You’ll be able to enjoy a selection of the finest French favourites with plenty of bread, chutneys, crackers and fruits to accompany them. Not had your lot? Keep going back for as much as you want!

Having so far spread the cheese love across Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Harrogate and Farsley, we’re looking forward to seeing just how far this goes in the future!

To find out more and to purchase tickets to the next event, head over to their website here.

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