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5 Reasons why Lavang should be your next Indian meal

With an elongated bank holiday just around the corner, you don’t need a reason to treat yourself to a Lavang meal. But just in case you were struggling, we’ve rounded up a few here… 

It’s not your standard curry
Yes, Lavang has its roots in traditional Indian cuisine – but with an inventive, modern twist. There’s an ethos on quality over quantity, which can be seen in everything from their signature slow-cooked lamb curries and stewed goat vindaloos, to unique Asian-influenced fish dishes (the Maach seabass is particularly impressive), or beef ribs cooked in a sweet, tangy sauce infused with caramelised onion (Hadi). You can always expect something special from Executive Chef Jay Kauser’s menu.

They’ve got a tasty takeaway offer on! 
Enjoy Lavang from home over the upcoming elongated weekend and from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June take advantage of their Jubilee Party menu. That’s 4 starters, 4 mains and 4 sides for £60.

You can go al fresco
Perfect for the summer months, the spacious terrace is perfect for kicking back with a cocktail, a crisp beer or a G&T made with their special Lavang gin.

Scan for discount
As of this week, each table now has a QR code, which you can scan for contactless ordering, special gifts and 5% off your bill. This can be utilised by each guest (eg four people getting 5% would mean 20% off total bill etc). You can also join the Lavang Sunday Club and receive a 20% discount every day when you book online. Every little helps, especially these days!

You’ll be supporting a carbon-neutral, proudly local independent business
Lavang used the downtime over lockdown to look at ways in which they could do their own bit for the environment by offsetting their emissions and becoming carbon neutral. Alongside a number of sustainable business practices, the restaurant now runs a smaller, seasonal menu that allows for better portion control as well as linking into their ‘quality over quantity’ ethos. The basics are important, too, such as using local suppliers whenever possible, a specials board to use up excess stock, and employing local staff to reduce the distance travelled to and from work.

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