Why Should You Always Go For Hot Water Systems With Cheaper Pricing?

With hot water systems ranging hugely in price, the temptation is to splurge on premium models. But hold your horses. As per experts at Same Day Hot Water Service, there are great reasons to take a closer look at hot water systems with cheaper pricing first before spending big bucks. This post explores how to snag quality at a bargain and get the most from your hot water system dollars.

Know What You Really Need

Many households overspend on fancy features and capacity they don’t actually require. Get clear on your family’s hot water needs – number of people, peak usage times, flow rates – and size accordingly. Avoid oversized tanks and heating power that add cost you won’t fully utilize. Right-sizing your system saves money upfront.

Prioritize Efficiency

Focus more on energy efficiency than tank size. Models like heat pump and condensing water heaters cost a bit more initially but recoup it quickly in energy savings. Purchase price drops in importance compared to a system’s lifetime operating costs. Insist on the highest efficiency your budget allows to lower utility bills for years to come.

Consider a Basic Model

You can save hundreds opting for a no-frills basic model rather than a loaded premium one. Do you really need wi-fi connectivity or apps? Stick to core functions – holding and heating water efficiently. Simple insulation is fine rather than the fanciest. Focus budget on durability rather than gadgets.

Check for Rebates and Tax Credits

Many utility companies and states offer rebates on more efficient hot water systems to influence consumers buying the better option. Claiming these can make an initially more expensive unit pay for itself faster. There are also tax credits up to $300 for energy efficient heaters. Stack savings!

Negotiate the Price

Don’t be shy about negotiating with plumbing suppliers, especially on floor models, overstock, or off-season purchases. It never hurts to ask! See if they can throw in free delivery, installation, or an extended warranty plan if you buy at a discount. Just a few percentage points savings quickly adds up.

Purchase at an Off-Season Time

Demand is lower at certain times of year, so take advantage! Shop for hot water systems in fall or winter rather than peak season spring/summer when demand and prices run higher. Retailers are eager for sales in slower months and may offer percent-off sales or bigger rebates.

Compare Multiple Retailers

Price shop between the big box stores, local plumbing suppliers, and online retailers to find the best deal. Look beyond just purchase price to factors like delivery fees, including installation and warranties which impact overall cost. Don’t assume bigger retailers are cheaper across the board.

Consider Renting

If funds are very tight, renting a hot water system is an option to obtain hot water now for low monthly payments rather than a large lump sum. Long term it may cost more, but it spreads out the cost to make it affordable. Just be sure to budget in maintenance fees.

Install DIY

Brave do-it-yourselfers can save significantly on labor by installing their own system. This does require some plumbing and electrical know-how. Be sure to pull proper permits. Watch online tutorials for guidance. DIY is very doable for standard tank installs.


The savvy shopper does their homework and buys only what they need at the best price. While you shouldn’t buy the absolute cheapest system available, there are great lower priced options to suit most budgets and still get quality hot water. Shop smart and enjoy the extra savings.

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