Who Are the Official Contenders of the 2023 Breeders Cup Classic

The Breeders Cup Classic is one of the most awaited events in the two-day horse racing of the Breeders Cup. It’s one of the most significant horse races in the annual horse races calendar. The event will kick off on November 3 and end on November 4. Despite still being a few months away, fans have started looking into the contenders and finding the favorites.

If you’re here for the same reason, here are the first seven official contenders of the Breeders Cup Classic and what you need to know about them.


Arcangelo is among the most awaited horses in the Breeders Cup Classic field. His current breeders cup races odds show that he’s one of the firm favorites to win the upcoming event. This three-year-old colt has already been in five races this year where he won four of them, including the 2023 Belmont Stakes and 2023 Travers Stakes.

Despite starting in December last year, Arcangelo quickly became renowned for his remarkable performances. The odds are highly in his favor, but nothing is certain until the event. Still, his stats don’t lie, and you can figure out the result with other fans on November 4.

Arabian Knight

Next on the list is Arabian Knight, another three-year-old colt whose performances don’t shy away from Arcangelo. Uncle Mo sired this colt, who has won several horse racing events during his prime, including the 2010 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile. It seems that being a great racer is in their genetics. After all, Arabian Knight has won three out of his four starts and finished in third place once.

Arabian Knight’s recent wins are the 2023 Southwest Stakes in January this year and the 2023 Pacific Classic just this September 2. If things go well on November 4, that’s another win under Arabian Knight’s name.


Coming into the Breeders Cup isn’t Forte’s first time, though he participated in a different event, which he has won. This year, this colt will take his chances in running the Breeders Cup Classic field, facing Arcangelo again for the third time. They ran against each other in the 2023 Belmont Stakes and 2023 Travers Stakes, where Forte lost to him.

Although the Classic’s odds are on Arcangelo’s side, Forte is still considerably a strong candidate. He has won seven of his ten stars and finished in second place once. As long as Forte stays on top of his condition during the race, he has better chances of surpassing Arcangelo and winning the Classic.

Geaux Rocket Ride

Next on the list is a colt deserving of his excellent name. Geaux Rocket Ride has only started participating in competitive racing this year in 2023, where he participated in five starts in total. Geaux Rocket Ride won in three and was in second place twice.

After winning the SA MSW in Santa Anita Park last January, he proceeded to the 2023 San Felipe (G2) race. Although he’s only second to Practical Move, his performance has attracted fans. Fans can see more of his expert rookie moves in the upcoming Breeders Cup Classic.


Like Geaux Rocket Ride, Mage just started racing in 2023. He was up against Geaux Rocket Ride last July 22 during the 2023 Haskell Stakes, where Mage’s only second to him. Aside from Geaux Rocket Ride, Mage has also already faced several other horses in this list, including Arcangelo and Forte.

Moreover, this colt has been very active this year. After participating in the 2023 Fountain of Youth last July, he went straight ahead to the 2023 Florida Derby (G1), finishing in second place. After that, he succeeded in the 2023 Kentucky Derby as the winner. If things go well, Mage might win in the Classic and out win other excellent horses.


Proxy is a slightly older horse in this list, who is now five years old. He started racing in 2020, two to three years older than the other horses. Surprisingly, Proxy hasn’t participated in any of the Breeders Cup events yet, and the 2023 Breeders Cup Classic will be his very first attempt.

Proxy has a relatively good record compared to the other horses, with six starts in 2023, where he won twice and was in second rank twice. His recent wins are the 2023 Oaklawn Handicap (G2) and 2023 Monmouth Cup (G3). Considering his experience level, fans can look forward to how Proxy will conquer the field of the Breeders Cup.

Final Thoughts

Many great horses of this season are participating in the 2023 Breeders Cup Classic. It will surely be one of the horse racing events you don’t want to miss. After going through this list, you should understand what race to expect. With a set of unique and fast runners, you should definitely secure your 2023 Breeders Cup ticket now. You can utilize this article to guide you with the contenders.


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