What To Do When Your Teenager Breaks Their Phone Screen

We’ve all experienced that moment of sheer terror when our phone slips out of our hands and hurtles towards the ground. It’s an even more common occurrence for teenagers, whose lives often revolve around their devices.

Some parents may even rejoice when these devices are broken, given the damaging effect that addictive use of these devices can have on kids today. Still, that may be an extreme reaction; if you have teens, they need their smartphones to be safe and social. These devices are tools, first and foremost.

If your teen breaks their screen, they may feel distressed or even frustrated. Who wouldn’t, to some degree? Still, these situations require an immediate response for the reasons we stated in the last paragraph.

If your teenager has broken their phone screen, don’t panic. Here are some effective steps to handle the situation.

Stay Calm

Yes, we just told you not to panic. That said, a little more to stay calm that’s worth discussing.

One of the main things you should do is try to avoid making the situation worse; i.e. arguing about whose fault the breakage is. Teens can be reckless, and if they’ve done something silly, they should be scolded. That said, they’ll likely know their mistake already, especially if they’ve suffered the consequences of it.

Admittedly, there might be some exceptions to this rule, such as if your teenager was a fan throwing their phone at an artist during a concert, for example. However, in most situations, it’s worth going easy on your teen and resolving matters with as little aggravation as possible.

Assess the Damage

The next step is to understand the extent of the damage. Has the screen merely cracked, or is it shattered with pieces missing? Are there dead pixels or display issues? Does the touch still respond correctly?

Phone screens are not created equal. Some may survive minor drops with just a few scratches, while others may shatter from a shortfall. Therefore, the action plan will depend on the degree of damage. If it’s a small crack and everything else works fine, you may choose to live with it. But if the phone’s usability is compromised, it’s time to look at repair or replacement options.

Remember that broken screens may cause more than just aesthetic problems. Cracks can allow dust and moisture to enter the device, damaging internal components over time. Therefore, promptly addressing the issue is crucial, even if the damage seems minor.

Check the Warranty and Insurance

After assessing the damage, check the warranty status of the phone. Remember, standard warranties often don’t cover accidental damage. If your phone’s warranty is still active but doesn’t cover screen repairs, it may still be worth contacting the manufacturer to explore your options.

Some phone manufacturers and carriers offer additional insurance plans that cover accidental damage, so it’s worth checking if such a plan was purchased when you bought the phone. These insurance policies often include screen repair or replacement as part of their coverage.

Try to remember that there’s often flexibility on warranties, even if the manufacturer is trying to ‘fob you off’ and tell you that you’re out of warranty. Know your rights as a consumer and consult expert sources before giving up on this option.

Lastly, don’t forget about credit card purchase protection. Some credit cards offer protection for damaged goods purchased with the card. These benefits are often overlooked but can be a real screen saver (not the background kind) in situations like this.

Consider Professional Repair

If the damage is too severe to ignore and isn’t covered under warranty or insurance, consider utilising the services of a professional repair shop. Ensure you select a reputable repair service to avoid potential complications.

Professional repair shops have the tools and expertise to replace a phone screen without causing additional damage. They can also provide a warranty for their work, giving you peace of mind about the quality of the repair.

If you’re looking for professional, reliable, and fast phone repair services, Likewize Repair can be an excellent choice. Renowned for their expertise in handling various types of smartphone damage, Likewize Repair provides top-notch solutions to get your teenager’s phone back in optimal condition. With their commitment to quality repairs and excellent customer service, you can have peace of mind knowing that the phone is in capable hands, minimising the disruption to your teenager’s digital needs.

These services also come to you, sending an hour’s notice in advance. They also apply their own 24-hour warranty on the repairs they do. So, if your teen is impatient, you can save them hours of Googling ‘mobile screen repair near me’ by getting the services to your door almost immediately.

Prevent Future Breaks

After navigating the tumultuous waters of a broken phone screen, it’s essential to take steps to prevent future accidents. Investing in a robust phone case and a screen protector can significantly reduce the risk of screen damage.

Encourage your teenager to be more mindful of their device. Simple steps like not using the phone near hard surfaces, not carrying it loosely in a back pocket, or not using it in crowded places can go a long way toward preventing another incident.

Consider setting rules about phone usage. For example, phones could be banned from certain areas in the house where they’re more likely to get damaged, like the bathroom or kitchen. Such rules can help instil a sense of responsibility and care.

Plan for the Next Incident

No matter how careful we are, accidents happen. It’s wise to plan ahead for the next potential phone mishap. Explore insurance options that cover accidental damage for peace of mind in the future. Many phone manufacturers and carriers offer such plans, and the extra cost might be well worth the investment.

Also, create an emergency fund for tech mishaps. Setting aside a small amount each month can provide a financial buffer when unexpected costs like these arise. Your teens could contribute to this themselves if they have jobs.

Use Parental Controls and Protective Apps

To further avoid such incidents, consider leveraging parental controls and various apps designed to protect the phone. These tools can limit the use of the device, reducing the chances of it getting dropped or mishandled.

Parental control settings or apps can restrict certain functions, enforce screen time limits, or even control the time and content of internet access. These restrictions could indirectly contribute to less mishandling and, consequently, fewer chances of accidents.

Also, there are numerous apps designed to protect the device physically. For instance, some apps can trigger an alarm if the phone is dropped, encouraging more mindful handling. Consider exploring such options as an additional layer of prevention.

Turn This Into a Learning Experience

Turning this mishap into a learning opportunity could be the silver lining. Start by involving your teenager in the process of getting the phone fixed.

Let them interact with the repair personnel. This involvement will give them a firsthand experience of their actions’ consequences. They may also feel less panicked or distressed during a breakage in future.

The incident can serve as a practical lesson about responsibility, attention to detail, and the value of money. It’s also a good time to teach them about warranties, insurance, and how these help protect our investments.


Having teenagers break their phone screens can be a frustrating and costly experience. However, you can effectively manage the situation by assessing the damage, checking warranty and insurance options, considering professional or DIY repairs, and taking steps to prevent future incidents. With careful planning, this all-too-common teenage mishap can become a valuable lesson in responsibility and foresight.

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