The Rising Trend of British Dental Tourists Choosing Turkey


In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in British dental tourists choosing Turkey as their destination for dental treatments. The trend is on the rise, and for good reasons. Turkey offers top-quality dental care at an affordable price. The country is a popular tourist destination, making it a perfect spot for those seeking dental care with a vacation.

Why is Turkey becoming the go-to destination for British dental tourists?

Turkey has become a popular destination for British patients seeking dental care due to its lower costs than the UK and its reputation for high-quality care and skilled dental professionals. In addition to price, factors such as service quality, successful outcomes, and post-treatment assistance are also crucial for patients when choosing a dental clinic or provider.

Ekin Deniz, CEO of Dental Hub Antalya, highlights the importance of providing patients with top-quality care and assistance throughout treatment. This includes pre-treatment consultations, personalized treatment plans, and post-treatment follow-up care. By offering comprehensive care and support, dental clinics in Turkey can ensure that patients have a positive experience and achieve successful outcomes.

Furthermore, Turkey’s dental tourism industry has been increasing in recent years, and many dental clinics in Turkey now offer state-of-the-art facilities and advanced dental technologies. This enables dental professionals to provide patients with various treatment options and innovative solutions for their dental needs.

Here are some reasons of Turkey is becoming the go-to destination for British dental tourists:

Affordable Prices:

One of the main reasons why Turkey is becoming popular among British dental tourists is its affordable prices. Dental treatments in Turkey are significantly cheaper than in the UK. A simple filling in the UK can cost upwards of £50; in Turkey, it can cost as little as £10. Dental implants, which cost around £2,500 in the UK, can be found for as little as £500 in Turkey. The cost savings on dental treatments alone are enough to convince many British tourists to make the trip to Turkey.

Quality Care:

Despite the lower prices, dental tourists in Turkey can expect to receive high-quality dental care. Many dental clinics in Turkey use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, and many dentists in Turkey are trained in Europe or the US. Turkey also has a regulatory body that oversees the quality of dental care, ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care.

Vacation Destination:

Turkey is a popular vacation destination for British tourists, and the opportunity to combine dental care with a vacation is a bonus. Many dental clinics in Turkey are in popular tourist areas, such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Bodrum. Patients can enjoy their dental treatments and explore local sights and attractions.

Easy Access:

Turkey is easily accessible from the UK, with many airlines offering direct flights to popular destinations such as Istanbul and Antalya. The flights are often affordable, making them a convenient and budget-friendly option for dental tourists. Additionally, many dental clinics in Turkey offer airport transfers and accommodation packages, making it easy for patients to arrange their trips.

Popular Dental Treatments in Turkey:

Dental Implants:

Dental implants are one of the most widely held dental treatments in Turkey. They are a permanent solution for missing teeth and are a popular choice for those unsuitable for dentures or bridges. Dental implants involve a small titanium screw placed into the jawbone, which acts as an artificial root for the replacement tooth. The implant is then topped with a crown, which looks and feels like a natural tooth.

Teeth Whitening:

Teeth whitening is a widespread cosmetic dental treatment in Turkey. It involves using a bleaching agent to remove stains and discoloration from the teeth, leaving them whiter and brighter. Teeth whitening is a quick and easy treatment, and many dental clinics in Turkey offer it as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a cosmetic dental package.

Dental Veneers:

Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells placed over the front of the teeth to improve their appearance. They can fix cosmetic dental issues, including chipped, stained, or misaligned teeth. Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic treatment in Turkey and can significantly improve the appearance of teeth.


Invisalign is a popular alternative to traditional braces. It involves wearing clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten the teeth. Invisalign is a popular choice for those who want to straighten their teeth without the look and feel of traditional metal braces. Many dental clinics in Turkey offer Invisalign as a treatment option.


Turkey is quickly becoming a popular destination for British dental tourists, offering high-quality dental care at affordable prices—the country’s easy accessibility and status as a popular tourist destination.


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