The Best European Cities to Visit on a Budget

Europe is home to some of the best cities to visit on a budget. Whether you’re a solo traveler or are planning a holiday with your best friends, you can find the ranked list of European cities to visit on a budget in this helpful guide. Remember to choose your destination carefully and leave enough time to book the flights and find somewhere to stay. Let’s begin!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a great place to visit on a budget if you enjoy:

  • Beautiful ruin bars
  • Amazing landmarks like the Buda Castle
  • Cheap and affordable food

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Lisbon, Portugal

It’s now official: Lisbon is the cheapest city that you can visit on your European tour.

From neighborhood food tours to the most beautiful beaches your eyes will ever see, Lisbon ticks all of the right boxes. The fact that you can comfortably go there on a budget makes it that extra bit sweeter.

After arriving in Lisbon, we recommend you visit the most popular tourist spots, like the Aqueduto das Águas Livres. Seen as one of the most impressive engineering works of the 18th century, the Aqueduto das Águas Livres used to provide the whole city of Lisbon with fresh drinking water. Now, though, it’s simply a beautiful tourist attraction that anyone can go and visit.

Instanbul, Turkey

Instanbul is a lot of fun on a budget. You can easily get by on around £60 a day (including accommodation and food) while still having money left over to go out and explore. From the Suleymaniye Mosque to Topkapi Palace, there are plenty of places to visit, so you’re truly spoilt for choice.

Nîmes, France

France is typically an expensive country to visit, whether you’re passing through or staying there on holiday. However, the good news is that Nîmes exists, which is one of France’s more affordable cities.

Here, you can easily travel around and check out the tourist attractions without spending crazy amounts of money. Plus, Nîmes is home to lots of great and affordable French restaurants, like La Table, so you can eat in style, too.

In terms of the best tourist attractions, you’ll definitely want to check out the classy places like the Musée de la Romanité, which is a very popular museum. There’s also Jardin de La Fontaine, which is a beautiful park and garden that is the definition of French luxury.


No matter which of these European cities you go to, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable time. Remember to plan ahead with plenty of time and treat yourself to some nice accommodation.


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