The world might never recover from the “Traylor Effect” since Taylor Swift has managed to dominate the NFL headlines even with the season fully active.

While Swifties and the whole of Hollywood seem to support Taylor Swift, and her beau, the Kansas City Chiefs Tight-End player, Travis Kelce, the NFL constantly sets the standard high every day by doing something out of the ordinary to make Taylor Swift “Feel at Home” as stated last week by Pat McAfee.

The latest magic from the sleeves of the NFL is prompting their TV partners to push free “Taylor Swift: The ERAS Tour” Ads with 2 obliging, and two others completely ignoring the call by the NFL.

Fans who attended the 4th week’s game constantly saw the Eras Tour Ad displayed on the big screens.

With a 30-second Ad spot on a Sunday night football game worth close to $1 million, football fans think the NFL is certainly overdoing things.

How Taylor Swift’s ERAS Tour Changed the NFL

Ever since Travis Kelce tried connecting with Taylor Swift after her concert at the Arrowhead Stadium during the first leg of her Eras Tour, the life of the footballer never remained the same.

He talked about her every opportunity he got and never hesitated to invite her to his games promising to “Kill the Show” just like she did back in July when she performed in Kansas.

The Super Bowl Champion finally got his prayers answered when Taylor turned up for the 24th of September Sunday game that featured him scoring touchdowns and leading his team to a 41:10 win against the Chicago Bears.

Except, the outcome of the game was not expatiated, not even the remarkable performance by Travis Kelce since Taylor Swift stole the show when she was spotted in the stands watching the match alongside Kelce’s mom.

Her effect was soon felt by the footballer, massively as Swifties began purchasing his merchandise, aside from football fans. Picking the footballer from whatever spot he was, to being the No.5 bestselling player in the NFL, and that’s not all.

Travis Kelce also witnessed a massive increase in followers after a video of him and Taylor exiting the stadium, and reports of the two hanging out after the game at a reserved restaurant where Taylor met with the player’s family and friends hit the net.

With a sudden rush of Swifties watching the game to catch a glimpse of Taylor, the NFL also saw a massive increase in the view ratings of their game and knew immediately that the force of Swifties was nothing to compare to the NFL and decided to go full scale in partaking in the “Traylor Effect.”

Ticket purchases also went extremely high with the NFL recording massive sales a day that they have never recorded before, all thanks to Swifties intending to attend Sunday games with the hopes of meeting Taylor Swift.

It has been a two-way win, especially for the NFL since they are currently the talk of the town, alongside Taylor Swift who is now receiving free promotions for her movie, aside from popularity among the NFL fans.

Even though a lot of people believe Taylor does not necessarily need the popularity the NFL is trying hard to create, there’s no doubt that getting tickets for her Eras Tour will be a hectic process with supportive football fans now in the picture and so, in a bid to save you some stress, consider getting Taylor Swifts tickets from a marketplace with much ease.

Does Travis Kelce’s Ego feel threatened?

Travis Kelce became speechless when his brother; Jason Kelce asked him how he felt after Taylor Swift finally put him on the map.

That was because of the sudden positive increase in everything that concerned the athlete after news of his involvement with the world’s biggest pop star hit the net.

The football star has been appreciative of Taylor’s appearances at his games, especially when she welcomed him to New York with what people describe as “A squad of Stars” when his team played the New York Jets in a Sunday night game that ended 23 – 20 with Kansas City Chiefs having a narrow escape from defeat.

However, due to the recent developments, Travis Kelce seems to be a little bit fed up with the attention and talks about Taylor Swift.

The athlete didn’t hesitate to call out the NFL for overdoing the Traylor effect after they changed their banner to Taylor Swift some days back.

In a video posted last week on YouTube by Jason Kelce, the Pro-baller said he thinks the NFL is overdoing the whole act, and wishes his private life would continue to remain so.

He also pointed out that he knows everyone is overwhelmed with Taylor Swift’s appearances at the games, but it would be fun if every other person present at the game also got the same kind of attention and hype that Taylor receives.

In what seemed like a statement coming from someone with a bruised ego, Travis also mentioned that he is aware of bringing all this to himself. He said he had hoped people would recognize him at the start of everything with Taylor Swift, but suddenly feels bad about how things played out even though he cannot stay mad about it.

Here’s Why People Think “Traylor” to be Fake

Travis went on to call the rumored relationship between him and Taylor Swift a spectacle. He pointed out that he never thought it would go this far in a podcast posted last week Tuesday.

The comment section of that video turned into a war room with lots of netizens speculating about a stunt played by the professional footballer and Taylor Swift in a bid to trend amidst the peak of their careers.

Sadly, the stats are against them since both have benefited greatly from the fan base of the other with the NFL not being left out.

It could be just a coincidence that they both met right when the NFL began, and the Eras Tour movie was about to hit the theatres, or even with the second leg of the concert coming up next year.

Regardless of the speculations, neither of the celebs has come out to directly address the relationship rumor flying around with them being in the center of it all.

Both are going about life normally with Travis Kelce confessing to be enjoying life and most especially his weekends and intending to keep things that way with sports being his sole focus in the meantime

Taylor Swift Skips Travis Kelce’s Sunday Game for the First Time

Amidst all the drama, fans who attended last Sunday’s game with the hopes of meeting, or seeing Taylor Swift in the stands were disappointed as the pop star was nowhere to be found.

The game which was played in Minneapolis happened to be too far for Taylor Swift to meet up with, so she skipped it.

A lot of speculations are already spreading online with the majority thinking the pop star has finally had her fill with the Traylor Effect and is ready to tend to other things.

Taylor Swift once mentioned attending the NFL Sunday games was a way of hanging out. Maybe she has indeed had her fill with the hangouts.

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