Sheffield-based Dating Show Contestants: Where Are They Now?

Dating shows are a huge success in the U.K. Some particularly iconic contestants take their moment in the spotlight well beyond their participation and grow a fan base that keeps up with their post-reality TV lives. Let’s have a look at some of the most iconic dating show contestants from Sheffield and find out where they are today.

The Appeal of Dating Reality TV Shows

One of the things that make dating reality TV shows so binge-watch-worthy is the hope that our favourite on-screen couple can make it through the final episode and, hopefully, take their love story into the real world. Many couples have stayed together over the history of dating shows in the U.K., with many even having tied the knot and welcomed babies.

Trista and Ryan Sutter are some of the most iconic couples from dating shows and have been happily married for 20 years now. The dating show that launched their love story was 2003’s OG The Bachelorette, which ExpressVPN’s recent research rated as the most successful dating series in terms of long-lasting relationships post-show – with very good reason!

Nonetheless, the key element for a successful and captivating dating show is the participants. Whoever signs up for this adventure needs to be charming and charismatic to keep the audience glued to the screen while following their romantic journey. The audience especially loves to see someone from a small town make it big following a TV show’s participation. So, without further ado, let’s see what some of the past Sheffield-based contestants are up to these days.

Sam Reece

Sam Reece first became known when his then-girlfriend Stephanie Davis cheated on him in the 2016 edition of Big Brother – quite a start, right? One year later, he joined the 7th season of Ex On The Beach himself, which he left after quite a turbulent participation.

In recent years, Sam has almost completely stepped away from the spotlight. Apart from still being a model, he now owns a salon and barber shop in his hometown of Sheffield, where he relocated, and his off-air career seems to be enjoying great success.

Kayleigh Fay

Kayleigh was a participant in the latest instalment of what is now a highly popular reality TV format – the astrological dating show, as The Guardian puts it. Written in the Stars aired on Discovery+ in November last year, and Sheffield-based Kayleigh had quite a memorable participation.

Now that the TV show has wrapped up, she is back to her job as a curve model, which first started when she was named ‘Miss Sheffield’ in 2008. If her Instagram page is anything to go by, her career seems to have gone from strength to strength.

Mitchell Taylor

Mitchell Taylor is the most recent dating show participant on our list. A couple of weeks ago, just days after leaving the 10th and latest edition of Love Island, which just aired this summer, Mitch took to Instagram to show off his brand new £82,000 Range Rover, as this post from The Sun reported.

The reality TV star also recently teased a potential upcoming participation in Big Brother on Instagram live, which got his fans to speculate online over this possibility. All things considered, we doubt Mitchell will go back to his pre-Love Island occupation as a gas engineer any time soon.

We can’t wait to meet the next Sheffield-based contestant who’s brave enough to try their luck on a dating show in the next few years – whoever it is, we’re rooting for them to find ever-lasting love!

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