Rammstein Stadium Tour: Why’s The German Band’s Tour Only In Europe?

There’ve been lots of discussions on why Rammstein’s 7th career tour, “Rammstein Stadium Tour” is only based in Europe. Yes, the German band included North America in one, out of the five legs that their current live performance has, but a lot of people think it’s not appropriate and considerate of the band since they have millions of fans in other places around the world, aside from Europe.

What would you have done, if you were in Rammstein’s position? The German band sprung out of Europe in 1994, and it hasn’t been an easy path to success. At first, when they released their debut studio album titled, “Herzeleid” in 1995, the chart performance of the album was so poor that they thought they made a poor album.

But, the band took a bold step and went touring nonetheless. Their live performance started in 1994 and ended in 1995, in Germany. The support they received around that time from locals turned that performance to mark the beginning of their success as a German band in Germany, with speciality in the sub-rock genre popularly known as, “Neue Deutsche Härte.”

At the end of their live performance, their debut studio album which was performing poorly at first ended the year at the No.6 spot of Germany’s best albums. This came with the hope for a better future for the German band.

Plus, because they eventually recorded their major success in Germany, a brief walkthrough of Rammstein’s career timeline will leave you with enough reasons why they seem to focus their entertainment energy in Europe.

As you probably know, Rammstein is preparing to embark on the 5th leg of the “Rammstein Stadium Tour,” which will be in Europe like the first, second, and fourth legs. We’ll be looking at the connection Rammstein has with Europe that has made them focus their energy on entertaining just this continent among others they have millions of fans on.

Before then, know that Rammstein’s decision to observe the majority of concerts amidst their 7th career tour in Europe has not only boosted Europe’s economy, but has also increased the number of visits that each country, which they visit usually have since hundreds of thousands of fans leaving outside of Europe, but are fans of Rammstein’s craft, travel to Europe, just to watch their Idolized band perform.

Generally looking at this from a growth perspective, Rammstein has come a long way, and it’s only great that people are interested in their craft to the extent of travelling inter-continents just to see them perform. But, this development came with its downside in the sense that, getting tickets to the Rammstein Stadium Tour is now hard, and the process is extremely hectic since supply isn’t meeting demand.

However, we wish for that to not be a barrier to your enjoyment of Rammstein’s concerts hence why we suggest a tickets marketplace, which will be the best option for you to get Rammstein tickets at the moment, should you need them.

Has Rammstein Toured Other Continents Before?

Yes, Rammstein has toured other continents before, like “North America,” since they became active in 1994. One tour for example is the “Family Values Tour” which started and ended in 1998.

Rammstein had various albums supporting the tour, so the setlist of “Family Values Tour” was packed full of entertaining songs that the band had released from 1994 to 1998.

Speaking about the band touring “North America” before shouldn’t give you the idea that they only visited the continent for some days amidst the tour. Rammstein only toured North America during the “Family Values Tour” in 1998.

“North America” was the centre of attention. Rammstein dedicated their might to entertaining their fans there, even though they weren’t the only performing acts in the concert. “Family Values Tour” was a collaboration with other artists, with the majority being rappers.

Another tour which had a major exclusion of Europe, but with Rammstein’s involvement was the “Iowa World Tour.” Although Rammstein dropped from the tour in October 2001, they had participated for 5 months during the tour since it started in May 2001.

Yes, But, Why Just Europe This Time Around?

Generally, we think it’s because Rammstein feels indebted to Europe for helping them grow. Recall we said we’d look into the connection between Europe and Rammstein, and why they’ve decided to focus their energy on entertaining their fans there more amidst the “Rammstein Stadium Tour.” Let’s take you back a bit.

Rammstein’s “Untitled Album”

“Untitled Album” is Rammstein’s 7th studio album, and it was released in 2019. This happened after Rammstein had stopped the production of new music for more than a decade. When the album hit the market, it received global recognition, and topped many charts, with the majority of these charts being in European countries.

“Untitled Album” reached No.1 on Germany’s Offizielle Top 100 albums within 1 week of its release, and still ended the year in the same spot, which is insane. It rarely occurs in the history of music recording, for 1 album to remain in the No.1 spot for a whole year.

But, Rammstein made it happen in 3 countries. Germany, Switzerland and Austria. And these are the same countries that Rammstein has repeatedly visited during the first, second, fourth and now fifth leg of their tour.

Now, let’s take a look at “Zeit.”

Rammstein’s “Zeit Album”

“Zeit” is Rammstein’s 8th studio album, and it was released in 2022. This album was released when Rammstein was touring the world already for their “Rammstein Stadium Tour.” So, “Zeit” was a tour baby, maybe that’s why it topped the charts in Austria and Germany for a whole year.

Just like “Untitled Album,” “Zeit Album” topped many charts in Europe. Within 1 week of its release, “Zeit” climbed up to No.1 on Austria’s Top 100 Albums charts. It also climbed up to No.1 in more than 15 country charts, and most of these countries are where Rammstein has been taking their “Rammstein Stadium Tour”, back to back.

Here’s Where It Gets Interesting

Both “Untitled” and “Zeit” albums are the albums associated with Rammstein’s 7th career tour. Seeing how much the countries in Europe supported Rammstein during the release of these 2 albums, it’s only fair that they are the ones to enjoy more of the “Rammstein Stadium Tour.”

It’s not like these albums didn’t top the charts in countries outside of Europe. They did reach No.1 in countries like the US, which is in North America. Guess this explains why the 3rd leg of the tour was dedicated to that continent.

One thing we’ve been able to decode with most of these great bands is the fact that they always treat specially, those who treat them special too. That explains why Rammstein has been going back to Europe over and over again with their tour that has lasted 5 years now.

Aside from all, Europe is Rammstein’s home continent. It makes perfect sense if they try to sell their craft more at home. Besides, Europe has been recognised as the home of some of the top consumers of good music, with a record-breaking revenue of more than £9.7 billion, as of 2020.

Judging from this, Europe has everything Rammstein needs to remain one of the most successful German bands in the world, finance-wise.

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