Pop Culture Today: An Exploration and Current Trends

If you’ve ever listened to a popular song or watched a film that’s all the rave, then you have an idea of what pop culture is. That’s right: the operative word here is ‘pop,’ which is short for ‘popular.’ But ending the story there does not give you the full picture. By pop culture, what is meant are cultural products that are both popular and influential. In other words, these products, such as movies, songs, fashion, etc., shape our beliefs, values, and societies at large. As the second operative word, ‘culture,’ suggests, these products play a huge role in defining the culture of a society.

Take Game of Thrones, for instance. During its run, it was one of the most-watched and -discussed shows in the world, inspiring a fandom culture. But more than that, it has launched the careers of fantastic actors like Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington. And even more than that, it also influenced people’s names. Where, before, would you have heard of a person named Khaleesi, for example? That is the power of pop culture!

Though pop culture is a major influencer of society at large, it is also influenced by society. As society evolves, so does the kind of entertainment people enjoy evolve. For example, during wars and economic recession, pop culture’s carefree and frivolous aspect often takes on a grave aspect. In this article, we’ll talk more about pop culture and some trends shaping it today.

From Physical Casinos to Online Live Dealer Platforms

One proof of how society and pop culture exist in a symbiotic relationship is how gambling has moved online from physical casinos.

In the past, before the internet became widespread and widely accessible, people gambled the traditional way. They met in physical casinos in Las Vegas (considered the epicenter of casino gambling and culture) or elsewhere to partake in casino games like poker and roulette. If you have a grandparent who used to play these games in their youth, they’ll tell you how visiting casinos was itself pop culture. People would dress up nicely and gather at casinos to chat and laugh before the games began. However, today, young people are buying more into the convenience of online gambling.

Online live dealer platforms are taking over the hearts of millennial gamers and quickly replacing physical casinos, so there are reasons why you might need a live dealer action but it’s also based on individual preferences. Millennials prefer the easy access and variety these platforms afford. Unlike in physical casinos, there is no time or location restriction: you can play anytime, from anywhere.

And lest you think that the online factor takes away from the fun, online live dealer games quite adequately capture the playing experience. You can chat with other players in real-time, and the high-definition graphic goes a long way to replicate the in-person experience of the games. It’s for these reasons that have become more popular and in demand.

The Rise of The Internet

The internet is so widely available these days that we don’t often remember that it has not always been like this. Ask your granny, and she’ll tell you how different the world was in their time. Then, the dominant pop culture mediums were the radio and the TV. But since the ‘90s, the internet has slowly made its way to the center of pop culture, becoming a definitive force shaping how people consume their entertainment and what kind of entertainment they consume.

The Rise of Youth Culture

As they say, he who pays the piper calls the tune. This is how it works in pop culture: the trends respond to finances, among other things. That’s why, today, pop culture is largely youth-driven.

Since millennials (young adults) are the largest consumer group, what they buy determines what is produced for consumption. That is how they set music, film, and fashion trends. Consider the history of rock and roll, for instance. We owe the existence of that genre of music to the rise in young people’s spending power in the ‘50s. Otherwise, there would be no such thing as rock and roll, which would be a great loss, considering the genius of the genre.

Comfort with Explicit Content

Compare movies of the ‘40s and ‘50s to those of today, and you’ll see that the difference is not just the introduction of colored images. Far more is now shown on screen than before—especially what is considered taboo or inappropriate. We have come from a period of strict censorship to a more liberal milieu. Nudity, sex, violence, etc., are now casually portrayed in popular culture.

To Sum Up

Pop culture influences us all in one way or another, whether we like it or not. And as we’ve said above, it changes with the flow of time. So, what was popular 50 years ago might not be popular today. And even if it is, it is undoubtedly done differently, as in casino gambling.


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