Music of the Spheres World Tour: Coldplay Announces Support Acts for Asia

As you well know, Coldplay, one of the most popular and successful British bands – judging from their outstanding track records – have been touring the world, dishing out amazing performances to their fans.

Their Music of the Spheres world tour that started back in March 2022 has received massive recognition amidst criticism. But none of the negative energy seems to keep them down as they keep breaking one record to the other.

Especially attendance records in numerous stadiums around the world where they have taken the Music of the Spheres world tour. Recently, the British Band responsible for giving the world the lover’s anthem, “Something Just Like This” announced their supporting acts for their upcoming 2024 Music of the Spheres World Tour, Asian leg.

Special guests like Rriley and Jasmine Sokko, all Singaporeans among others like the Indonesian singer, Jinan Laetitia are expected to be in the lineup when the tour begins next year. Although tickets for the events are almost sold out, you can still get Coldplay 2024 tickets from a marketplace tasked with making them accessible for you.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen how important a role support acts play during concerts such as this. Additionally, we’ve seen support acts win over new fans in the process of their performance as support acts especially when performing to a large audience like the ones recorded during Coldplay concerts.

Coldplay also has a track record of giving residential artists the chance to showcase their musical art. It is one of the major traditions they have managed to keep up with since they made fame and we think it creates even more connection between them and their fans.

This article will highlight 8 artists who have acted as opening acts to Coldplay on their Music of the Spheres World Tour. Let’s dive right into it.


Yakuza, professionally known as Lous and the Yakuza rose to fame back in 2019 after releasing her hit song, “Dilemme” which was shortly followed by her debut studio album, “Gore” in 2020.

Yakuza performed alongside H.E.R and Coldplay’s Chris Martin in Belgium and France back when the Music of the Spheres World Tour began in 2022.

At the time, Stade de France had a total of 318,331 concert attendees which is way more than Yakuza has ever performed for. Her act during the concert created an avenue for her to sell her art to a larger audience, thanks to Coldplay.

Bobby Gonz

Bobby Gonz has been in the music industry for some time and has 2 studio albums to his name. “Just Another Silicon Valley Start-Up,” and “In The Journal of My Journey” were released in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Bobby performed alongside H.E.R. in Santa Clara, US. The concert saw a total of 50,791 attendees giving Bobby an avenue to display his musical art to a large audience.

When asked about how he felt after performing in an exclusive interview, Bobby expressed his happiness for the opportunity.

Hana Lili

Hana Lili is a prominent Welsh singer. Her voice has been described as a combination of Natalie Imbruglia and Billie Eilish.

Hana’s song has been used as a soundtrack for popular television series like Love Island. The 23-year-old songwriter performed alongside Chvrches in Principality Stadium located in Wales, Cardiff during Coldplay’s visit to Cardiff.

While being compared to Billie, Hana also has a backstory like that of Billie Eilish. When she was 14, she started writing songs and also performed at the “National Eisteddfod of Wales.”

Even though the singer started her career as a voice actress, she later switched to music after writing most of her songs and publishing them online.

Camila Cabello

Camila had a total of 3 show appearances as a support act in Coldplay’s Music of the Spheres World tour.

She performed alongside Andrea Martinez in Peru. The Peru National Stadium had a total of 85,845 attendees for 2 nights during Coldplay’s concert in 2022.

Cabello also appeared in Columbia’s El Campin where she performed to a total of 88,314 people, alongside Mabiland, who is also a support act for Coldplay.

Her third appearance was when Coldplay took on Santiago. The turnout was a staggering number of 256,916 people listing the event as the most overwhelming for Camila Cabello. She performed alongside Princess Alba.

Mery Spolsky

Mery performed alongside H.E.R. in 2022 a few months after the Music of the Spheres world tour began. For Mery, Coldplay isn’t the first popular band she performed with.

She has previous experience performing on a large stage with psychedelic Makijaż, which is the first band she got connected with. Nonetheless, Coldplay is by far the biggest British band she is currently linked to.

During Coldplay’s visit to Poland, PGE Narodowy had a total of 57,574 attendees.  Mery took the opportunity to win over more fans to her side. She was previously recognized as an act with the “most interesting stage personality.” That, she made clear during her time as a supporting act for Coldplay.

Carla Morrison

Carla Morrison drove the fans crazy when she appeared on stage alongside Danny Lux. Both are artists from Mexico and Coldplay had them as supporting acts when they took the music of the Spheres world tour to Mexico.

The connection Carla instantly had with the fans present at the BBVA Stadium, Akron Stadium, and Foro Sol was incredible.

More than 250k people attended Coldplay’s concert on the last 4 nights Carla performed as a supporting act in Foro Sol. The indie-pop singer has 3 studio albums to her name and is recognized as one of the prominent Mexican singers in the global music industry.

070 Shake

Shake visited 2 countries with Coldplay, performing as a supporting act alongside H.E.R. in 2023. Boby Gonz was also in the formation, but the spotlight was steadily kept on 070 Shake.

Aside from the fact that the American rapper has a unique name, she also has a record of working with Kanye West who has been recognized as a career booster.

070 Shake received even more recognition for her work when she toured with Coldplay in the US and Canada. During her time with the British Band, she visited Seattle, Vancouver, San Diego, and Pasadena which were the 4 cities Coldplay took the Music of the Spheres World Tour to in the US and Canada.


H.E.R. has played an essential role as a supporting act to Coldplay since the British band embarked on the Music of the Spheres world tour.

She has opened for the band in iconic places like the Dominican Republic, Argentina, and Costa Rica. Additionally, the 26-year-old singer has acted as a supporting act for other support acts that were featured in Coldplay Music of the Spheres world tour.

The only time she was replaced by London Grammar was when she was unavailable. But her time with Coldplay meant so much to her that she confessed to feeling bad for leaving the band when her time was up.

H.E.R. also revealed that she used the opportunity as a lead opening act for Coldplay to introduce more fans to her genre of music. She said her experience performing on stage alongside Coldplay’s Chris Martin was at first overwhelming, but she quickly adapted.

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