“Music of the Spheres World Tour”: 10 Items Banned At Coldplay’s Munich Concert

The German city of Munich is part of the places Coldplay will be visiting this year for the “Music of the Spheres World Tour,” and the excitement in the city, as the days draw near, knows no bounds.

The concert is scheduled to be held at the Olympiastadion, located in Munich, on the 15th, 17th and 18th of August. Olympiastadion has a standard capacity of 70k people when used for concert purposes such as the “Music of the Spheres World Tour,” and we believe, from Coldplay’s track record, that this will be an easy fill.

Amidst the excitement, one of the major challenges faced by the Coldplayers there are tickets. However, that won’t remain the case, as you can now easily get Coldplay Munich tickets through an online ticket marketplace if you’re yet to get one.

We took time to check out Munich, and we found that it is one of the greatest cities in the world having lots of tourist attractions. The city has certain precautions in place that will ensure the safety of everyone, both visitors and residents. This resulted in some items being banned in the Olympiastadion.

We decided to share with you, a list of 10 items banned at Coldplay’s Munich concert. Hopefully, this will enable you to prepare well, and with the right things. Without further ado, let’s get down to business.


10 Items Banned At Coldplay’s Munich Concert

In this section of the article, we’ll discuss 10 items banned at Coldplay’s Munich Concert, and also propose alternatives to them, where possible.



Backpacks are banned because they exceed the required size of bags you can carry into the Olympiastadion. The required size for any bag you intend to bring to the Olympiastadion should not exceed the size of an A4 paper.

This size will make it easy for security to surf through your items at the entry point, and clear you without wasting much time. Remember that there will be thousands of people just like you trying to access the venue. So, the quicker you get checked and cleared, the better for everyone else, including you, if you are behind in line.



Alcoholic drinks are not allowed in the Olympiastadion, especially when you’re bringing one from outside the venue. However, you’re advised to have your ID on your person, as on rare occasions, bars are functional within Coldplay’s concert venue. If that happens to be the case in the Olympiastadion, then you can take a glass or two, if you have your ID on you.

But, we generally advise against taking alcohol at Coldplay’s concerts. The thing that this will do to you, especially when you take more than you’re supposed to, is that it’ll put you in a mood where you don’t enjoy the concert. We know too well that Munich is a city of beer lovers to the extent that they’ve carved out a beer festival known as Oktoberfest. Regardless, Coldplay concerts are best enjoyed when sober.



Regardless of whether you have a license for the weapon you’re carrying or not, weapons will not be allowed in the Olympiastadion. Whatever you carry to the venue will be collected at the point of entry, and will be given back to you after the show.

Coldplay cares about the well-being of their fans, so the Olympiastadion will be well protected. We don’t want a situation whereby you get over-excited and turn the show into a scene from, “A Million Ways To Die In The West.”



If you’ve been to or watched any Coldplay concert before, you’ll see that they do not joke with fireworks. It is, unarguably, one of the most anticipated sections of the concert by fans. This means that you can be rest assured of seeing a firework display, and you don’t have to bring one from home.

Under this category are also firecrackers. The British band takes their sustainability plan seriously, but they also understand that their fans love entertainment. This has made them include fireworks in their performance, as long as the stadium they are performing in has an open top, which is the case of the Olymiastadion.


Glass Containers

Glass Containers will also not be allowed into Coldplay’s concerts because of so many reasons. Some of these are; recyclability and the fact that it can be developed into a weapon.

There might, however, be a situation where you have to bring medicine and it is inside a glass container. If that is your case, we advise you to look for an alternative option of bringing your medicine with you. You can, however, bring it along and get some sort of pass from the security at the gate. See if that works for you, in the case of no other option.


Cans and Plastic Bottles

Cans and Plastic Bottles will also not be allowed into the venue, according to regulations. The reason is that they are hard to recycle, thereby affecting Coldplay’s plans to reduce their carbon footprint.

Additionally, these can be used as throwable objects inside the concert. We sure don’t want objects falling on our heads, do we? If your concern is water, then you have nothing to worry about as Coldplay has that taken care of. You’re hereby advised to bring along a refillable water bottle, to get water at Coldplay’s water stations.



We understand that you will want to adhere to Coldplay’s plea to attend the concert without your car, to reduce your carbon footprint as well. However, you’re best advised to take a bus, if you’re coming from far, or walk to the venue if you’re staying close as there will not be parking spaces for bicycles as well.

If you think about this in a real sense, you’ll be saving your strength if you ride in a bus, than paddle a bicycle. And just in case you just have a thing for bicycles, Coldplay has stationary bikes installed in the concert venue, you can paddle one of those to help power the show.



Drones and all flying objects will not be allowed into the concert. Coldplay will have official drones controlled by professionals, covering some aspects of the show from above. So, any interruption from an uninvited guest might cause an accident.

Considering the number of people that will be in the concert, anything falling from above will not end well. Like we said initially, We sure don’t want objects falling on our heads, do we?


Smoking Materials

Cigarettes or vapes will not be allowed into the concert venue. However, no one is against smoking. So, if you must, you have to do it outside the stadium. Concerts are usually packed full of people from different backgrounds.

This can include people who might have some sort of allergies or health-related reactions towards certain types of smoke. For the safety of everyone, all smoking materials will not be allowed into the Olympiastadion.


Professional Camera Equipment

Professional Camera Equipment such as selfie sticks, tripods and the like will not be allowed into the venue. A better alternative will be a small camera that you can pocket.

Better still, your phone can serve. Just make sure it is fully charged, and you can use it to capture and save beautiful moments at the concert.

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