Most Online Casino Australia Sites Move from Promo Code Systems in 2023

Bonuses and promotions have always been a vital part of online gambling experience. For quite a while, the most common approach was to have promo code systems. In 2023, many online casino Australia websites shift to a different system, and it is valuable for the players to know the details about it.

Old Approach versus New Systems

Previously, most online casino Australia platforms had promo code systems. The players had to find secret codes online and use them on the website to activate promotions. Most commonly, the promo code field was built into the casino’s cashier. The codes used to be published on the casino’s website itself as well as on a variety of external platforms.

In 2023, the casinos tend to move away from these systems in favor of a more straightforward approach. The promotions are now listed on the corresponding pages of the casino itself, and no codes are required to activate them: the players simply click on the Activate button near the offer’s banner.

Issue with the Old System

The main issue the users had with the promo code system of online casino Australia sites was related to the external distribution of secret codes. The players who wanted to get the most out of the casino’s bonus program had to be in a state of constant pursuit of new codes that might have been posted on an external platform.

Even if the players found some codes, they could never know for sure whether they found all of them. It left users in uncertainty and was heavily contributing to the fear of missing out phenomenon. The players could simply not fully enjoy the experience at the casino and had to spend their time looking for new codes online.

Reasons Behind the New Approach

Of course, the main reason behind the implementation of the new approach with simple promotions that are activated from the casino’s website itself is the players’ comfort. And indeed, the redesign of the promotion systems has resolved the issue described in the previous section. But gamblers might be wondering why it took the online casino Australia platforms so long to fix such a problematic aspect of the experience.

The answer is actually not so obvious, and to understand it, it is necessary to comprehend why the promo code systems existed in the first place. The exclusive codes provided to some third-party websites were actually necessary to track the number of players attracted from these platforms. The affiliate programs were not as advanced, so it was much more convenient for the casinos to track the number of code activations rather than analyze the traffic that came from other websites.

The system was built into the very core of many online casinos’ bonus programs, and it also became an industry standard. From every new casino, the players expected to have a promo code system: for them, it meant they would be able to find some secret codes and get some extra freebies. The negative effect developed over time, so at first, the users were actually rather excited about such systems.

Thankfully, now the casinos finally have the opportunity to move away from promo codes, as the technological imperfections are no longer holding them back. The operators can now easily track the players attracted by affiliate websites, so it is not necessary for them to invent promo codes. The users are mostly receiving this update positively, as it already became exhausting for them to look for new promo codes every time. Other aspects of promotions have been updated too, making them even more accessible, straightforward and intuitive, which is definitely a major benefit for aspiring gamblers.


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