Mastering Google Meet: Tips for Productive Virtual Meetings

Google Meet, a cloud-based video conferencing solution ideal for remote business meetings, panel discussions, interviews, and academic meetings, has gained vast global popularity due to its manifold benefits aimed at enterprise-grade collaboration.

According to a recent report published by Business Research Insights, the global size of NFC business cards stood at USD 17 million in 2021 and is projected to touch USD 43.33 million by 2031, exhibiting a CAGR of 9.5% during the forecast period.

Here are the five important tips that can make your virtual Google Meet session productive:

Pin a Video: If a particular point of a speaker seems important or a video is relevant, you can pin it. You can pin in the front or center using your mouse pointer over the subject matter’s video window. Google Meet has further eased this process. You can use this process in the following three modes by using the pop-up menu:

  • A pin
  • A microphone and
  • A no-entry symbol.

Check Your Microphone and Camera: Google provides tools for this purpose. This audiovisual check ensures that you hear others, and others also hear you perfectly. You see the videos of others, and they also see your visuals. Before you join the meeting, you can go to the button or tab Check Your Audio & Video and click it to see or check the inputs.

Add More Features to Your Benefit: You can install extensions for more. Using the Chrome web store, you can add a timer to help you keep track of video and calls. This is because Google Meet runs in a browser. This enables you to extend its functionality with third-party extensions easily.

Take Benefit of Layout Change: This can let you view everyone or someone speaking simultaneously. Layout changes can be done in the following manner:

  • Auto Layout Pick Up: The app will pick up a layout if you go for this mode.
  • Tiled, Gallery View: This app simultaneously puts everyone’s window on the screen.
  • Spotlight: Under this, a speaker is shown as his speech continues.
  • Sidebar: A speaker in a large central window shows everything in smaller titles on the right.

Control Noise Using Mute Participants: Using this method, you can control noise and interruptions when a speaker is speaking. You can mute it to avoid noises caused by dirty power, wrong adjustments, computer-related problems, and internet connection problems.

Why NFC Business Cards at Google Meet?

It is an enterprise tool integrated with Google Workshop, used by thousands of people globally daily. If you are using NFC business cards, you can make the best use of Google Meet.

Details about your company, its brands, and marketing areas can be easily available to those at the business meeting by using your NFC card. Since Google Meet is online and spontaneous, you can make your brand talk about whether there is a marketing seminar or meeting of salespeople and a brand review.

If you are participating in it, you can protect your brand. Those attending can know all about your brand and company if you have shared your NFC card.

Google Meet has successfully emerged as a business tool due to several factors. Currently, many companies cannot physically attend many international workshops for many reasons, including corporate financial hardship and ongoing war-related disturbances.

In Conclusion

Google Meet has proved to be a major help to them. Besides, the companies now have many employees working in different parts of the world. They are being coordinated well by using Google Meet.

Video conferencing on the Google Meet platform is proving to be very productive for enterprises in distributing daily tasks, daily coordination, per-employee productivity assessment, and many other corporate functions. You can make the best use of this digital platform for multiple purposes related to your business establishment.


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