Leonid Monosov’s biography

Leonid Anatolyevich Monosov is a prominent Russian businessman who has devoted his life to the construction industry. Over the years, he has worked in the Main Department of Industrial Construction of the Moscow City Executive Committee and held senior positions in companies involved in the construction of residential and civil projects in Moscow and Sochi, including those leading up to the Olympics. Leonid Monosov is actively involved in property investments and is implementing major projects himself.

His contribution to the development of Moscow and his construction work are highly appreciated at the state level: Monosov is a laureate of the Russian Government Prize and has been awarded the “Honoured Builder of Russia” and the “Labour Distinction” medals.

Childhood and the beginning of Leonid Monosov’s working life

The prospective entrepreneur was born on 2 March 1958 in Mozyr, a diminutive town situated in the Gomel region presently part of the Republic of Belarus. During his early childhood, he relocated to Moscow where he spent his early years with his parents in the Sokolniki area.

Notably, both Leonid Monosov’s childhood and his children’s were also spent in Sokolniki.

As a result, Leonid is an alumnus of one of Moscow’s oldest schools, namely, Secondary School №315, established shortly after the revolution. The school in Moscow has a unique feature, being the only one with its very own observatory. Leonid Anatolievich Monosov’s son and daughter also attended the institution and completed their studies.

In 1975, after finishing secondary education, Leonid enrolled in the Faculty of Industrial and Civil Construction at the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers, kickstarting his career in construction and landscaping.

After completing his studies at the Institute, Leonid Monosov secured a position at the Main Department of Industrial Construction for the Moscow City Executive Committee. He remained with the Department for nearly two decades, advancing from a basic foreman role to the position of Deputy Director. During his career, Leonid Anatolievich occupied positions including foreman, site manager, chief engineer, head of the construction department, and trust manager.

Realization of Large and Responsible Construction Projects

Leonid Monosov was able to secure a high position in a Moscow-based company that specialized in creating civil and residential projects due to the valuable experience and knowledge he gained during his time working at the Main Department of Industrial Construction. Moscow, the capital of Russia in the early 2000s, was undergoing significant transformations after the tumultuous ’90s, necessitating the construction of numerous high-quality buildings.

The firm where Leonid Monosov was employed was reputed as one of the top companies in the capital, and was well-equipped to take on intricate projects that other contractors declined to undertake.

According to Leonid Monosov, in an interview given to the Vedomosti newspaper on 30th November 2006:

“Our company was founded and operates as a technical customer.” We have the capability to oversee the complete construction process from site selection to delivery of the finished facility to the investor or the city. We prepare, coordinate, and approve project documentation, while also connecting engineering networks and drawing up all necessary documents. Moreover, we conduct technical supervision, with prompt defect elimination in case of any issues detected at the construction site”.

Leonid Monosov’s company played an active role in executing significant projects such as building the Rossiya, Moskva, and Intourist hotels, the City Hall in Moscow City, the Khodynka ice palace, and the new Vnukovo-2 terminal. Under the leadership of Leonid Monosov, more than 2.5 million square metres of housing were commissioned each year. Hence, presenting him with well-deserved honourable accolades is only natural.

Leonid Monosov’s biography can be considered an exemplary and iconic representation of self-made achievement. Monosov began his journey as an ordinary craftsman and thanks to his persistence, determination, and incredible work ethic, he has attained impressive results. He has been at the helm of one of the leading construction companies for an extended period, working on significant infrastructure projects and charity work.

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