How to Send Money from UK to USA?

Sending money between countries is common these days. With how connected everyone is, people need to pay or get paid internationally all the time – whether it’s for business, helping out family, or just messing around with investments. The United Kingdom and the USA move a crapload of money, so it’s crucial that cash can flow between them without too many headaches.

But these transfers can surely get confusing. Between exchange rates, fees, and how long transfers take, it’s tough to know if you’re getting a good deal when sending pounds and dollars back and forth.

This article will walk through how to send money from the UK to the USA without losing a bunch or waiting forever for it to appear. 15M Finance, a financial service that helps Americans overcome their money problems, provides a small guide on sending cash from the UK to the USA bank account in seconds. Whether you must pay overseas partners or just help the family, knowing this can save some precious time and money.

Bank Transfer Money from UK to USA: Understanding the Options

Transferring money from the United Kingdom to the US bank account can be complicated, but you have enough choices. Old-school stuff like standard bank transfers, wire transfers, or international checks works fine mainly. They just cost more and take some time to send money to the USA. Regular bank transfers are just shifting money between accounts. Wire transfers speed it up by funneling through banks all over. You can hold checks, but they drag out the process and stack on fees.

Lately, slick new options are popping up online and on smartphones. Online money transfers and apps make it smooth, quick, and cheap to fire cash overseas—way less hassle than old methods. Any consumer can send money to the USA easily as pie with these new companies. They run circles around traditional ways. So if you must transfer funds to the US, look into these international money transfer services putting pep in international payments.

What is a Good GBP-to-USD Exchange Rate?

Recognizing that predicting exchange rates is hugely uncertain due to the natural instability of currency markets is critical. Pinpointing a reasonable exchange rate depends on specific situations and worldwide influences. Talking to an expert suited to your needs is the most solid way to determine what makes up a reasonable exchange rate for you.

The British pound and the US dollar change depending on economic and political events, like elections or interest rate changes. But since the US dollar is a primary haven currency, it’s more resilient when economies are uncertain, often holding or even gaining value amidst shaky markets.

Typically, an exchange rate of 1.40 dollars to the pound or more was seen as the pound performing strongly, often called the psychological resistance level. A rate like that usually causes a lot of activity among those trading pounds for US dollars.

Nowadays, a rate above 1. 35 GBP-USD would be vital for the pound. In 2023, the average rate was 1. 24. However, global conflicts and the cost-of-living crisis contributed to the GBP-USD rate dropping below 1.18 in recent years. While the pound’s value gradually bounced back towards the end of last year, it would need to top 1.30 to show that the currency is strengthening again.

Cheapest Way to Send Money to USA from UK

Here’s a breakdown of the most budget-friendly ways to transfer money from the UK to the US, taking into bank account fees, exchange rates, and hidden charges:

  1. When comparing fees, traditional banks typically charge high international transfer fees, usually £10-30 per transaction. Online money transfer services like Wise, Revolut, and CurrencyFair offer much lower costs, sometimes as low as 0. 5% of the bank transfer amount.
  2. Regarding exchange rates, banks tend to provide less favorable rates than specialized transfer services, where they make much of their profit.  Services like Wise and Revolut offer mid-market exchange rates close to the actual rate.
  3. Banks often add markups to the exchange rate that significantly reduce the amount the recipient gets. Some bank transfer services are faster but charge higher fees. If timing isn’t critical, slower, cheaper options are available.
  4. To send money cheaply from the United Kingdom to the USA, think about the payment method and if who you’re sending it to gets robbed of fees. Bank transfers sometimes have lower fees than credit cards, but some places charge more for using them. Also, see if the person receiving the cash will get transfer fees from their bank.

Best Way to Transfer Money from the UK to the US

Let’s take a quick look at some things to think about when sending cash from the United Kingdom to the US:

  • Speed. If you need the cash to get there fast, go with a service that says they’ll do same-day or next-day delivery. Some of those online transfer sites are good for that.  Banks can take a few days.
  • Convenience. Online services make things easy with user-friendly websites and phone apps so you can send money from home or wherever, and banks let you bank online, too, but it’s usually more of a hassle than the bank transfer sites.
  • Safety. Make sure whoever you use is legit and regulated so your money and information stay protected. Look for encryption!
  • Costs. Compare the transfer fees and exchange rates from different places. Some have reasonable rates but high fees, while others have low and not-as-great rates. Look at the total cost.
  • Limits. See if there is a limit on how much you can send with each service, especially if it’s a lot of cash.

Now, let’s take a quick look at how long it takes to transfer money using different methods:

Bank Transfers

Sending cash through your regular bank typically takes 2 to 5 business days. While most people are used to bank wires, and they’re accepted everywhere, they aren’t always the fastest option.

Online Money Transfer Services

Services like TransferWise, PayPal Revolut, and others can send money to the USA faster, with some providing same-day or next-day delivery, especially for smaller amounts. The exact timing varies depending on your company and preferred money transfer method (bank transfer, debit/credit card, etc.).

So which option makes more sense depends on what you need:

  • If speed is critical, online services like TransferWise or PayPal may work better thanks to faster delivery.
  • Online platforms make life easier with user-friendly apps and sites for maximum convenience, so they’re great if you want smooth, hassle-free transactions. 
  • Both banks and reputable online companies emphasize safety, so your money should be secure either way. However, double-check that any online money transfer provider follows regulations and uses strong security protections.

3 Best Money Transfer Apps in the USA

Many money transfer apps exist now, and we live in a digital world. It’s so easy to just tap on your phone and send money to the USA, and it’s unbelievable if you think about it.  But it can get confusing to pick which one to use cause there are so many. Three top money transfer apps from the United Kingdom to the USA:


Wise is a popular specialist money transfer service for international money transfers known for transparency and low fees. It shows all costs upfront, so there are no hidden charges, and it offers competitive exchange charges. The app is straightforward, making it simple for anyone to send money to the USA.

Wise provides good customer service, with help available by email or chat. Key benefits are quick transfers, usually 1-2 working days, and tracking payments in real-time. It used to be called TransferWise but recently rebranded itself as just Wise. The gist is it lets you transfer money internationally to places like the US for less than those outrageous bank fees.

To send money to the USA with Wise, you must:

  1. Sign up on their site or app.
  2. Verify your identity by providing documents.
  3. Enter the amount to send  and the person’s details.
  4. Double-check everything – fees, exchange, and rates.
  5. Pay for the transfer.
  6. Keep tabs on it in Wise to know when it goes through.

Using Wise as a money transfer method can save you time and cash compared to old-school bank transfers. It’s convenient and transparent, too—no wonder it’s famous for people and companies sending cash overseas.


Revolut is a money tech company offering digital banking through its phone app.  They have features like trading money, sending money overseas, budget tools, crypto buying and selling, and more. Here’s how Revolut can help you send money from the UK to the US:

  • Trade Money: Revolut lets users hold and swap different currencies in their accounts. If you have British Pounds in your Revolut bank account and need to send money to the US, you can switch it to US Dollars right in the app at the real exchange rate with no hidden fees.
  • International Money Sending: Once you trade your British Pounds for US Dollars, you can send money to the person in the US. Revolut supports sending money internationally to over 30 countries, including the United States from an UK bank account. You can start the money transfer directly from the app by giving the recipient’s bank details.
  • Low Fees: Revolut usually has reasonable exchange rates and low or zero transfer fees for international money transfers compared to old-school banks. It can save much money, especially for significant or frequent transfers.


Sending money from the United Kingdom to the US bank account with PayPal’s app is also straightforward. Open the app on your phone, log into your account, and navigate to the Send Money section. You’ll need to enter the email, phone number, or username of the person you want to send money to the USA. Double-check that you’ve got the correct details if it’s going internationally. Specify the amount in pounds that you want to send over, and PayPal will automatically convert it to dollars on the other end.

Before hitting send, review all the details to make sure they look right.  Then, you can complete the money transfer through a linked bank account or card, and depending on your account, you might need to do some extra security verification. Once the payment goes through, you and your mate in the US will get a notification from PayPal that the money was sent/received.

They also have good customer service with phone, email, and chat support. Sending money internationally with PayPal also gives you and the receiver protection, plus you can connect your bank and cards to make it smooth. 

Overall, these money transfer apps do what they promise. They get your money where it needs to go reliably and for decent rates and fees. So using them to send cash from the UK to the US means you know what it’ll cost, it’ll get there quickly, and you can track it. And your money’s secure since these are big, trustworthy companies.


In the end, there are many ways to send money online from across the pond. We covered the traditional options, such as banks moving money, money transfer apps, and international money transfer services or cash pickup services. We also talked about crucial matters, such as exchange rate fees, how fast it goes, and being accessible. All that jazz shapes which path works for you.

You must prioritize the money transfer features and find something slick. So yeah, take a beat and explore everything thoroughly. Find the best combo of affordable and smooth sailing for hauling cash overseas.  Research pays off, so it lands safe and sound.

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