Taylor Swift is marking her musical era in the history of the world. With how the Eras Tour has turned out, she does not intend to stop making history anytime soon.

We bring you the latest from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour diary. One of the most popular and celebrated higher institutions in the world, Harvard, has added to their list of courses for the Department of English, a course named after Taylor Swift, that covers mainly her musical era.

An instructor from the Department of English at Harvard, Stephanie Burt, is expected to guide her students through a fun-filled journey of examining fan culture with extreme regard to Taylor’s Success during the Eras of Tour, adolescence, adulthood, appropriation as well as approaches to southern texts, white texts, queer texts, and transatlantic texts.

From what we gathered, the course aims to enrich students with the ability to think about critical affairs that can have a solid impact on their lives. In the course description, references were also made to songs by Taylor Swift that have shaken the world, like “Champagne Problems.”

Before Harvard, other universities had added “Swiftian Studies” in their course curriculum to expose their students to the new art of music.

This new addition to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour record comes after the “Lover” singer wrapped up the Eras Tour for 2023, with preparations already on the ground for the resumption of the tour next year in February.

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Eras Tour – 2023 – Comes to an End

Taylor Swift wrapped up her Eras Tour for 2023 and she did so in a manner that left her fans tearful and filled with emotions.

In a post dropped by the pop star on the 28th of November through her X account, the caption reads, “Bringing a tour to Brazil has been something I’ve dreamt of for years, and those fans blew my expectations away.

We’ve officially wrapped up the 2023 Eras Tour and we got to end the year with 6 shows in Rio and São Paulo, with the most magical crowds. I’m so grateful to my touring family, my band, my crew, and my dancers for everything they put into this show all year.

To the people who came to see it, you are what made those stadiums feel so alive and electric and unforgettable for me. I just feel so proud and moved by what I got to be a part of. See you in 2024.”

Next year when the Eras Tour begins in February, Taylor Swift will be performing in Sydney, Singapore, and also Japan then Melbourne. After which she will move to Europe to perform shows in Spain, Germany, France and England.

The “Look What You Made Me Do” singer will then take the Eras Tour back to the United States of America where she has millions of Swifties already anticipating her coming in 2024.

Swifties at Sao Paulo acknowledged the fact that Taylor Swift wrapped up her performance this year with them. The act seemed to make them feel special and X holds account of how much they appreciate Taylor for the honorable memory.

One X user from Sao Paulo, Gabe, posted on behalf of the Swifties there. The caption reads, “You’re the most magical artist that I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching

Please come back to São Paulo .”

Taylor and Travis to Spend Christmas Together

We received exclusive news confirming the purchase of a $6 million mansion by the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Taylor Swift’s Beau, Travis Kelce, in Kansas City.

The house has been described to be just the right environment for Taylor Swift, by Yahoo. It is reported to feature a Jacuzzi, a garage that fits 6 cars, a Beverly Hills kind of swimming pool, and some sporting sections like a miniature golf course, lighted tennis, and a pickleball court to keep the couple in shape.

In the late hours of Monday morning, Taylor’s jet touched down in Kansas City where she is reported to spend weeks with her lover, Travis Kelce in his new $6 million mansion.

The pop star, Taylor Swift had just concluded her Eras Tour in Brazil last Sunday, where she experienced harsh weather and also devastating news of losing a fan due to the cruel weather that held Brazil hostage during her time there.

Fans, especially Swifties feel Taylor needs the time off from all the stress of the 2nd leg of the Eras Tour, and there’s no better place to spend that free time than by the side of her man, Travis.

Taylor Swift seemed to be in a haste to spend time with Travis since a moving truck was reportedly spotted on Tuesday morning, just hours after she was seen landing in Kansas City the previous day. Newsmen who witnessed the moving truck unloading some furniture and other items also attested to witnessing another vehicle moving into the garage.

Allegedly, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were in that car, and the truck is moving in the things they will need as they prepare to spend time together before Taylor’s Eras Tour begins next year.

Travis’s new home has also been described as a haven for both him and his lover, Taylor Swift. Because his new relationship with Swift has decreased the privacy he gets in his previous home causing him to move to a place where he can live in peace.

Travis Breaks another Record – Just Like Taylor Swift

Celebrity lovers have been on the radar of everyone since rumors of their relationship hit the net. And as if they compete with each other, they have been breaking records in their respective areas of profession with none between the two lagging.

Recently, Travis Kelce broke the NFL record for being the fastest NFL tight-end player to surpass 11k yards during a game. The American football star broke this record during a Kansas City Chiefs game last Sunday and Taylor Swift was quick to show support as she reacted to a post dedicated to Travis on Instagram.

Travis is currently the only player in history to hold that record in 154 games, breaking Tony Gonzalez’s record which was held at 191 games.

Taylor Swift has also been celebrated after recently breaking the Grammy Award record of being nominated 7 times for the “Song of the Year” category.

Before Taylor surpassed this record, there were Lionel Richie and Paul McCartney who held the 6 times nominations record, individually.

Additionally, her re-recorded version of the “1989” album broke sales records after selling more than 1,653,000 units upon release in the United States only.

Taylor has a long list of records she has broken this year. Her record-breaking spree started at the beginning of the Eras Tour after crashing Ticketmaster’s website. The “Anti-Hero” singer has been relentless in breaking records ever since, and the biggest one, which is breaking her net worth from a millionaire to a billionaire, is yet to come.

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