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Does Feng Shui Actually Work? A Guide For Beginners

If you want to ensure that your home is well-balanced and conducive to good health and prosperity, you might want to try your hand at the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Although modern Western audiences are not necessarily as accepting of this, there is something to it, and at the very least, it can lead to you using a set of rules that will make your home look more attractive on the whole.

And who knows: perhaps it will also help you feel more aligned in your daily life. If you want to try your hand at Feng Shui, there are a few pointers you might want to know about as you get started. Let’s see what they are right now.

The Claims Of Feng Shui

So, what is it that Feng Shui is supposed to do for you? There are many claims of this practice that people swear by. By all accounts, following the principles of traditional Feng Shui can help foster a deeper connection with the environment around you and help you feel more present in that space as well as in your life generally.

You might also find it leads to a significant reduction of anxiety symptoms and worry, even when you are not inside the home itself. And if you Feng Shui your bedroom, you might have a better night’s sleep. You might even find that you feel more energised and ready to tackle the challenges of your life.

The Main Rules To Follow

So, where should you begin if you want to try some Feng Shui at home? There are a few rules in particular that you may want to try out that could help you get going here. Let’s look at a few of them now.

Avoid Mirrors Across The Front Door

If you can help it, don’t have any mirrors hanging across from the front door. The idea here is that any energy you bring in will instantly bounce back outside. If you have ever gone into a home and seen a mirror instantly, you might agree that it is a strange look and might even feel strange to you as you enter. So perhaps there is something to this.

No Electronics In The Bedroom

Actually, a lot of modern people are already following this rule, but it turns out that it’s an ancient idea, too. If you have electricity in the bedroom, it will subtly influence and negatively affect your ability to sleep, and you’ll find that you have much less energy as a result. You might even have noticed this yourself already. So make sure that electronics are banned in the bedroom entirely. This is something you might see the benefit of right away.

Declutter The Entryway

This, it has to be said, is always solid advice. You don’t want to walk into your home and find it instantly cluttered. This is a bad way to come home and something that is certainly going to mean you are much less likely to enjoy your home in general. So, you should make sure that you are focused on keeping the entryway as clear as possible.

Bear in mind that this means much more than just not having items of furniture there clogging up the space. It also means you might want to adopt a neutral approach to the decor. Hang some neutral wall art – though not too much – and keep the colours light, which should also help declutter the space psychologically.

Avoid Bright Colours In Bedrooms

As a general rule, Feng Shui says you should avoid bright colours in bedrooms. Perhaps this is related to sleep again, and you might already see the benefit of avoiding using bright colours in your kids’ bedrooms in particular. So next time you have the chance, consider changing the colour on the walls, if necessary, and you might soon find that you have a much nicer experience in the bedroom on the whole.

Fix Your Broken Furniture

Finally, if you have any broken furniture in the home, you should fix it – or get rid of it entirely. It’s not good for your energy if you have broken furniture lying around,  and it’s something that you should definitely be careful about. Again, this is one of those common sense things that we can all get on board with, so it’s definitely something you might want to be aware of.


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