Diamond Decisions with Rare Carat

What Does A Diamond Mean to You?

The diamond engagement ring may be one of the most popular forms of diamond jewellery. While engagement rings have been around since the Romans, diamond engagement rings were popularised in the 1940s when the phrase ‘Diamonds are Forever’ was coined, making the diamond a symbol of everlasting love. However, diamond jewellery has been a statement of luxury and classic design for almost a thousand years before the rise of the diamond engagement ring. With strong ties to royalty, diamonds are a sought-after extravagance offering timeless beauty. Finding a quality diamond for your perfect ring or jewellery item doesn’t have to be difficult or require a royal budget. Understanding how to find the best value diamond can help you feel confident in your purchase.


Diamond Occasions

Diamonds do not need to be reserved for engagement. Any special occasion can be marked with a piece of diamond jewellery. With rarecarat.com you can begin your search by finding the perfect diamond. Their tools allow you to search worldwide through over a million available diamonds for your preferred cut, colour, clarity and carat. This is the all-important ‘4 C’s’ of diamonds. The cut and carat (shape and size) of the diamond is a personal design choice and there are hundreds of combinations to choose from. The quality and precision of the cut is graded. The higher the grade, the better the cut shows off the all-important sparkle. The colour of a diamond is given a letter, with D being the most colourless and desirable, ranging to K with a faint yellow tone. The clarity of a diamond is how pure the diamond is in terms of if there are any ‘inclusions’ or cloudy parts of the diamond. It is unusual for inclusion to be visible to the naked eye, so choosing a lower clarity of the diamond is unlikely to have an impact on the overall look of your jewellery.


More than Diamonds

Using rarecarat.com to search loose diamonds gives you complete control over your design. If you’re looking to shop rose gold halo engagement rings, or buy a unique pendant to indulge yourself, rarecarat.com has everything you need. You can purchase loose diamonds if you are looking to work new stones into an existing piece of jewellery. This is a brilliant way to reinvent heirlooms or update vintage jewellery. You can also choose from a variety of jewellery items with different metals and settings to highlight your diamonds.


Traditional Diamonds

For generations, diamonds have been mined. Countries such as Africa, Russia, Brazil and China mine many of the world’s diamonds. A diamond is formed when carbon in the earth’s crust is put under immense pressure over hundreds of thousands of years. Owning a diamond that has been cut from the Earth after what can be a million years in the making is a huge part of the appeal of a mined diamond. The process of mining diamonds has historically been a dangerous and sometimes exploitative industry. However, in more recent years the industry has worked tireless to create sustainable mining that is safe and fair for the workers exporting the diamonds. When you buy diamonds from rarecarat.com you can rest assured that you are buying conflict-free diamonds from certified retailers with mine to jewellery traceability.


Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab diamonds are formed in labs that create the same conditions that create natural diamonds. By applying heat and pressure to carbon, it changes the chemical structure to create a diamond. There is no distinguishable difference between a lab grown or mined diamond, except in price! The lower price of lab diamonds does not mean inferior quality; the price difference is due to the reduced production costs. Even experienced jewellers cannot tell the difference! Lab-Grown Diamonds are a modern option for those who want the most environmentally friendly way to source diamond jewellery. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, but still want the brilliance of quality diamonds, rarecarat.com can help you source beautiful lab diamonds for your jewellery. With thousands of positive Trust Pilot reviews, rarecarat.com is the most trusted online diamond seller, and by buying online your money can go further (maybe even a whole carat further) than on the high street.


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