Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings and Celebrity Fans

Cushion Cut Diamonds and the Celebrity Universe


Cushion cut diamonds appeal to avid gemstone lovers for many reasons. Since they offer a lot of charm, it’s no surprise that they appeal to many famous faces, too. If you’re interested in getting a diamond that’s a favorite among prominent celebrities, you should research your choices in cushion cut stones as soon as possible. Many celebrities have actually showcased dazzling cushion cut diamond engagement rings. Cushion cut diamonds are distinctive thanks to their rounder corners and noticeable square forms. Members of royal families have gravitated to them for hundreds of years.


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Celebrities and Fantastic Choices in Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


Celebrities motivate fans all over the world. Fans look to celebrities for insight regarding jewelry pieces, clothing, accessories and more. If you want to purchase a diamond engagement ring that has the support of seemingly countless influential public figures, you should check out cushion cut diamonds as soon as you can. So many beloved individuals have showcased the wonders of cushion cut diamond engagement rings to the general public and media.


Kim Kardashian West has the distinction of being one of the most prominent reality television stars and businesswomen on the planet. She also used to be married to one of the planet’s most famed music stars. That was Kanye West. West dazzled his bride with a cushion cut solitaire ring that featured an impressive 20 carats in total. It wasn’t exactly cheap, either. Reports state that West had to pay more than $8 million for the ring. Thankfully, non-celebrities can purchase top-notch cushion cut diamond engagement rings for a lot less money than that. These cuts are honestly a lot more affordable than many other choices out there. What exactly made Kardashian West’s cushion cut diamond engagement ring so dazzling? It had a handful of striking side diamonds, first of all. It had a platinum band that enhanced its radiance in a big way, too.


Chrissy Teigen is a well-known model who is married to superstar musician John Legend. They have numerous adorable kids together as well. Teigen possesses a cushion cut diamond engagement ring that is simultaneously straightforward and sublime. People who adore Teigen suspect that the cushion cut diamond ring may be comparatively compact in size. Despite that, it offers no shortage of mega-watt appeal. The stone’s middle ring gives off a sophisticated Art Deco ambience. People who are passionate about nostalgic jewelry items may flock to this kind of retro engagement ring.


Sofia Vergara is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous actresses on television in this day and age. She also is a celebrity who has helped contribute to the impressive popularity of cushion cut diamond engagement rings in recent times. Although Kardashian West’s aforementioned cushion cut diamond engagement ring is undeniably large and radiant, Vergara’s may be even more eye-catching. Vergara has a solitaire diamond ring that features seven carats. It comes with tasteful diamonds on the side. Beyond that, it also comes with a glimmering halo that consists of a handful of tiny and pale diamonds. If you’re searching everywhere for a cushion cut diamond engagement ring that will make you feel like royalty, you should probably zero in on halo cushion cut rings. Remember, too, that these cushion cut diamond engagement rings don’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you shop with smarts and dedication, you should be able to pinpoint cushion cut diamond engagement rings that are high in quality and affordable at the same time. These kinds of diamond engagement rings are in no way elusive.


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