Cushion Cut Diamond Alternatives

Cushion-cut diamonds have been a go-to stone in engagement jewelry for decades. But, sometimes those that shop at Rare Carat want something a little different. Whether that means a different cut or a different type of stone, there are plenty of options on offer when couples buy online.

Alternatives To Cushion Cut Diamonds By Shape.

One reason that consumers turn away from cushion cut diamonds is their shape. While they have been a popular choice for engagement rings for a long time now, they don’t always have the visual impact that everyone is after. Many love the shape because of the blend of square diamonds with soft rounded corners. It isn’t as delicate as the round brilliant diamond or as harsh as the completely square princess cut diamonds.

Some of the alternatives here that could be of interest are the Asscher cut and the radiant cut. The radiant has a lot of fans because of the way that the geometry and facets of the design create a lot of sparkle and hide imperfections in less-expensive stones

Alternatives To Cushion Cut Diamonds By Material.

The other option is to go in a completely different direction and use a different material. Diamonds will always stand out as the high-end choice for clarity and quality. Some couples will settle for nothing less. However, other stones have a similar look at a much lower price. Cubic Zirconia is one that many consumers will have heard of but perhaps hadn’t considered as a contender for a “fake” diamond.

Another option is moissanite. This is a synthetically created stone that acts as a deliberate substitute for diamonds. It has its own grading system, so can’t compare side-by-side with the real thing. However, a good quality stone can be cut and crafted with the same exquisite techniques as diamonds. Therefore, it is possible to get alternative cushion cut stones that look like the real thing for half the price. when buyers shop at Rare Carat.

Then there is the chance to go for a semi-precious gemstone with the same high-end cushion cut. With the right material, this can allow for stunning colorful gems with great tonal patterns within. Anyone unsure which stone to use can either work by color or by birthstone. The former is great when matching stones with people and personalities. However, a stone related to a specific month can be significant for birthday or anniversary jewelry.

What Are Other Names For Lab Grown Diamonds?

When searching for moissanite and similar stones to buy online, it is important to remember that these stones aren’t lab-grown diamonds. This is another category again. While moissanite is a deliberate synthetic substitute for diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are the real thing. Technicians recreate the conditions necessary for growing diamonds naturally to create stones in a fraction of the time.

This ethical alternative is indistinguishable from mined diamonds to the naked eye and graded under the same standards. With that said, there is the opportunity for treatments to make these stones more vibrant in color, rivaling some of the alternative cushion cut stone options. Consumers may see companies refer to these gems as cultured, man-made, or lab-created diamonds, but they are the same thing. Retailers may also use the term LGD for brevity’s sake.

Shop At Rare Carat For The Best Diamonds, Moissanite, And Birthstones.

With so many alternative stones and diamond cuts to choose from, consumers must work with a retailer they can trust. Countless happy buyers have left glowing 5-star reviews on Trustpilot for Rare Carat, proving they are a trustworthy source for high-end authentic stones of all kinds.

They also appreciate the ease of use of the user-friendly platform. It is simple to pick stones by origin, allowing for clear choices in lab-grown diamonds, moissanite, and more. Of course, should buyers feel that traditional mined cushion cut diamonds are the best choice, after all, these are available too. After picking the material and cutting, there are options for additional factors like color, carat, and clarity.

The options are vast. Lab-grown diamonds could be a good way to get extra color, the moissanite is great for a budget-friendly alternative, and birthstones allow for extra personalization. There really is something for everyone.


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