Authentic Casino Experience: Feeling the Cards and Chips

Stepping into a brick-and-mortar casino is equal to entering a unique world of gambling. Believe us: it is unlike anything you have ever tried when gaming.

Gambling on an iGaming platform can give you only a faint idea of the experience we speak of. Imagine the thrills that serenade your senses with gameplay on the casino online Vulkan Vegas platform. Now multiply that by a hundred. That’s what awaits you in a physical gambling location. It’s an authentic feeling fuelled by tactile and visual senses. The feel and sound of the cards and chips as they fall and clink against one another. Is this something you care about? Let’s take you on a journey that feels as real as it sounds.

The Nostalgia of Brick-And-Mortar Casinos

There is something memorable about playing games in a physical casino. The entertainment is top-notch, and the game pit is lively. There is never a dull moment as music and laughter fill the air. No matter how much we are baffled by these side affairs, we have no right to forget about the main stars of the show: the money chips and the gaming cards. These features would leave you wanting more, experiencing nostalgia every time you play online.

The Sensory Appeal of Casino Chips

We are brave enough to touch on a controversial topic by saying that the best gambling experiences are always connected to a land-based casino. Have you ever wondered why the convenience and flexibility of online gambling never seem to be enough? It’s because your senses are not adequately stimulated! The chips excite your senses, elevating your gameplay in unexpected ways:

  • The first thing you’ll notice when handed the chips is their texture. That smooth, hard disc and the power it wields. It makes you feel like you can conquer the pit and walk away a millionaire;
  • Next is the color. Imagine cashing in 1,000 zloty, and you only get 20 chips, each worth 50 zloty. Every chip color signifies a different value denomination. It is not always the same for all countries, so you’ll have to find the specific color denominations for your location. 

The Art of Shuffling and Dealing

Now, we move on to one of the most significant features of the gaming floor. It is impossible to miss the sound of the dealers shuffling the cards. It’s an art form, with some dealers going the extra mile to put on shows that leave players in awe. There is a certain precision with how cards are handled at the game tables. We guarantee you won’t forget your first experience so quickly. 

“Washing” or “Scrambling” is one of the most exciting steps in the poker card shuffling process. It’s one step specific to Las Vegas gambling houses and is more of a show than anything else. Here’s how professional dealers in Las Vegas scramble the cards and serenade your senses:

  1. They begin the “Wash Shuffle” by placing all cards face down in two rows;
  2. Then, they are spread out on the game table and randomly moved around in circles;
  3. The goal is clearly to mix them up, and it is done three times and counting for up to two minutes;
  4. They are finally gathered into a deck and shuffled multiple times with the standard technique (riffle-strip-riffle-cut);
  5. The gameplay can now begin!

After this, they are dealt in proper order from the small blind (player to the immediate left of the dealer). The order is clockwise and continues until every player has two.

Here’s an extra tip for beginners. Casino cards sometimes have different values than what is written on them. While number cards (2 to 10) retain their value, face cards have different values. The Jack, Queen, and King are worth ten points, while the Ace is one point. There can be irregularities, like in Blackjack, where the Ace can be worth 1 or 11.

The Role of Sound in the Casino Experience

Not only does the feel and sight of the chips and cards elevate your experience. The auditory elements of the game pit also add to the fun. You’ll hear chips clinking as players go all in or grudgingly place their bets, even with poor card combinations. The sound of the dealers shuffling the cards would also remain ingrained in your memory, contributing to the overall ambiance of the casino.

Immersive Card Games: Blackjack, Poker, and More

The physical casino gambling experience is incomplete without the chips and cards. They enhance the sensations players feel, turning the gameplay into a fascinating show. As you race to the finish line, you’ll feel adrenaline coursing through your veins and blood pumping. But what games afford you this luxury? We want to describe here our top three card games in a land-based casino, each offering more fun and excitement than the last. Let’s check them out: 


You get two main betting options at this casino table: Banker or Player. You can place bets on either of them; the only requirement is to stay below nine. The winning bet is on a natural, nine, or eight. Players can also bet on the Tie when the Player and Banker sides have the exact total.


If you’re feeling lucky, then try gameplay on the blackjack table. This game uses multiple card decks and follows a simple process. The game is also called 21 because players cannot go over a total of 21. However, the gameplay here puts players against one another as each person races to hit Blackjack (a total of 21). 


This is the most challenging yet most fulfilling card game. If you’ve ever heard of bluffing, you may know about the Poker game. The game has distinct rules and features. You’ll have to master interesting terminologies like flop, blinds, under the gun, fold, and more to participate in it. Fun variations also exist, but the language of the game remains the same. You will also have to master the ten winning combinations, including:

  • Royal Flush;
  • Straight Flush;
  • Four of a Kind;
  • Full House;
  • Flush;
  • Straight;
  • Three-of-a-Kind;
  • Two Pairs;
  • Pairs;
  • High Card.

Finding the Essence of Casino Magic

There is a magical feeling that gambling at a mortar-and-brick casino offers. You are guaranteed a more authentic gaming experience when you dive into the world of cards and chips. What are you waiting for? The right time to start your adventure has come!

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