5 Things To Know Before Seeing Rammstein At “Rammstein Stadium Tour” – Marseille

From someone who has attended countless “Rammstein Stadium Tour” concerts, here are 5 things you must know before seeing the German Industrial Metal stars, Rammstein, in Marseille this June.

For Rammstein, touring is not a big deal. The German band has toured the world 12 times since 1994 after they became active in the music industry. “Rammstein Stadium Tour,” their current tour, has lasted 4 years, with a few weeks left before it clocks 5 years. But, the band has not relented in entertaining their fans every night since 2019.

It takes a dedicated team to maintain the same energy through different countries. The fact that they shuffle the setlist every year to create a new experience also makes their concert an adventurous journey.

Extensively, amidst all these years that the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” has lasted, the German Neue Deutsche Härte band have picked up an addition of fans that are, to an extent, clueless about what to expect in their concerts, and how to prepare for it.

The fun fact is that they heard one or two of Rammstein’s songs and fell in love with them. But this does not exclude the possibility that they heard their friends talking about them and decided to attend their concert since it is happening live. Why not feed their eyes, and see for themselves if the tales about them are true after all?

The sad part is the fact that they end up at these concerts without proper planning, therefore not enjoying the concert to the fullest as it should be. We’ve also acknowledged the fact that getting tickets to Rammstein concerts is gradually becoming an impossible task. But, for that, we suggest looking up Rammstein Marseille tickets through an alternative ticket marketplace. Since that is the best option at the moment.

Regardless of whether you’re an old timer or a new timer, this article will help you prepare for Rammstein’s Marseille concert with 5 things you need to know before their Marseille concert in June. Let’s have a quick look.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

You’ll realize that the importance of attending a concert such as the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” in a comfortable shoe can never be exaggerated, especially when you’re once a victim of attending one in an uncomfortable shoe.

Considering the length of each Rammstein concert which is about 3 hours, your best bet to having fun is to turn up in a comfortable shoe. One that will enable you to stand for 3 hours without having any pain, while offering you good arch support.

Nike would’ve been the sole option some years back, but there currently are a lot of brands you can choose from, like Asics Nimbus, Ryka Devotion, Boost Ghosts and New Balance. The sweetest thing about these brands is the fact that they have different designs to suit your taste.

This means that you don’t have to wear just any kind of shoes, simply because you want to be comfortable while at Rammstein’s concert. You can get one that completes your sleek look and offers you the needed comfort for the adventure that lies ahead.


Come Early To Orange Vélodrome

If you look at your Rammstein tickets (for those that have one at the moment), you’ll see that the start time is set to 16:00 which is noon time. But, that is just the time that they start allowing people into the stadium. The main event doesn’t start until between 19:00 to 20:00.

The reason for adding 16:00 on the tickets is to give y’all an idea that the earlier you’re at the venue, the sooner you get access to the stadium before the show begins. This is a wise hack because there will eventually be thousands of people at the entry points trying to get access to the stadium. This will gradually make the queue a very long one and the process of entry, a tiring one.

Another advantage to coming early to the Orange Vélodrome is that you get to engage in other activities before the concert starts. Like checking out the merch stands for exclusive merchandise, and even making new friends. So, make sure to go early to Orange Vélodrome.


Bring Ear Plugs – Priority

Sorry that this isn’t at the beginning of the list, even though it is tagged a priority, but we advise that you bring an ear plug to the concert because the music can get too loud due to the quality of speakers Rammstein uses in their concert venues.

However, if you feel your eardrums are thick enough to withstand the heavy metallic sounds and the loud blasts from Rammstein’s cannons, then you can skip bringing ear plugs. Even though we strongly advise that you bring one.

This might be negotiable for you, but not for any young teenager you intend to bring along to the concert. Aside from the music, Rammstein has a tradition of creating loud bangs in their concerts. Most of which comes from the cannons attached to their stage. This can damage the eardrums of younglings, best to avoid the possibility of such happening, and bring an ear plug for them.


Arrange and Carry Your Items In A Clear Bag

Bag policies are generally becoming serious in concerts due to security and drugs. You’ll be left devastated if you pack everything you’ll need at Rammstein’s concert in a bag that is not clear. Bags that are not clear or transparent are not allowed into Orange Vélodrome.

If you should be at the concert venue with a bag that is not clear, you will be denied entry into the venue. If you’re lucky, you’ll be given the option to transfer everything from your unclear bag, into a clear bag that you’ll have to buy outside the stadium.

The bags sold outside the stadium are going to make you break your bank, it’s best to avoid them and carry one from home if you have one. To be on a safer side, don’t pack too much. Carry just what you will need and what will easily fit inside your clear bag.


Charge Your Smartphone

The fun ideology will be lost when you’re in the middle of the concert and your phone runs down. This has a high possibility of happening to workers who will leave their offices and come straight to Rammstein’s concert. Hear this now; this should serve as a reminder for you to ensure you charge your smartphone before coming down to Orange Vélodrome.

Your smartphone going low means you will not be able to capture that special moment you can reflect on, some time in the future. Which can be devastating, to state the least.

In most cases, people tend to rely on power banks when their phones run down. However, there is a policy against big electronic devices and objects that can be thrown at someone. So, if you’re not lucky, your power bank might be confiscated at the gate.

Charging your phone will ensure that you capture all the “Rammstein Stadium Tour” memories you can, while at the concert, and share them with your friends online. Additionally, having a charged phone means you don’t have to look for a buddy while at the concert when you can easily text each other your exact location.

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