Vaping in Sheffield: What are the latest updates?

When Sheffield City Council announced a proposal to promote vaping as an alternative to smoking, there were mixed reactions coming from different parties. Some appreciate the proposal and were very supportive of it. Others were more sceptical and saw vaping as a one-hit wonder; a trend that will soon go away like many other.

That proposal was announced in February of 2017. After more than a year, it is clear that a strong vaping culture is growing in this city. It is easy to find vapers everywhere, from the top restaurants and city corners to nightclubs and big events. The vaping industry in Sheffield is growing too. There are more manufacturers and retailers operating in the city.

So, is vaping really a big part of Sheffield’s culture now? There are some interesting developments and even more interesting insights to learn from the growth of the vaping industry and communities in this city. In this article, we are going to review those insights and updates on the vaping culture in Sheffield.

A respected industry
The vaping industry in Sheffield – and in the UK in general – is a very well-respected. Some of the biggest names in the business are based in Sheffield, producing mods, atomisers, and vape liquids that get exported to different parts of the world. Vapers in the US and many parts of Asia are relying on UK-made vaping goods for the best experience.

According to the latest estimate, the vaping industry will grow into a £2 billion industry by 2020. Sheffield is benefiting from that growth too, and the benefits can be experienced across the economy in general.

Clearer regulations
The regulation around vaping and vape-related products is also clearer in the UK, which is why the industry was able to grow so rapidly this past year. There is now a maximum tank capacity of 2ml imposed by the latest Tobacco Products Directive, so we’re seeing atomisers being designed to comply with this rule.

The same directives also govern how vape juice can be distributed. You can only buy vape juice in 10ml containers, and the vape juice must not contain more than 20mg of nicotine per millilitre. The old 30ml and 60ml bottles of vape juice are now off the market.

Other parts of the regulation are just as supportive. They are designed to protect the customer as well as allow the industry to thrive in a growing market. We now have a ban on harmful substances such as caffeine and taurine, so you can expect vape liquids to be safer. At the same time, health warnings and childproof packaging are made mandatory for customers’ sake.

Vaping for non-smokers
What’s interesting about the rapid growth of vaping in Sheffield is the number of non-smokers who are now vaping as a hobby. Vaping is no longer seen as an alternative to smoking. It is a genuinely fun part of our lifestyle.

The industry is responding to this trend positively. More vape liquids are designed to contain 0 mg of nicotine, making them very safe to use. Flavours are added for the pleasure of vapers, and there are more flavour combinations to choose from today.

The same can be said for the gears and vaping gadgets. If you look at vapers in nightclubs and restaurants, you will notice that their devices are no longer bland or uninteresting. Mods and atomisers are designed to be fashion accessories and parts of modern lifestyle.

Better understanding of etiquettes
Another interesting thing about vaping culture in Sheffield is the way vapers are actively managing the image of vaping as a hobby. Rather than vaping everywhere, vapers are appreciating the people around them more and more. After all, most vaporisers still produce a lot of clouds when used, and that cloud can easily disturb people who are not vaping.

Some venues still ban vaporisers entirely. Bars that allow smoking aren’t always friendly to vapers. The same can be said for other venues, including restaurants, public smoking areas, and festival venues. Vapers often have to go outside or find a specific place just to be able to vape.

While this may be an issue right now, efforts are being made to better facilitate vapers. After all, Sheffield City Council is still supportive of advertising vaping instead of smoking.

Vaping tourism
Speaking of Sheffield City Council’s involvement in the growth of vaping culture in this city, the city is now attracting vapers from around the country. The fact that there are big vaping communities in the city is certainly appealing to other vapers in the UK. We’re seeing an increase of vaping-related festivals and events too.

Vaping tourism is certainly an idea worth exploring, especially when you consider the many manufacturers and industry players, like Mirage, in this city. Plans to host annual events and regular festivals related to vaping are being developed by both communities and industry players.

Easier in Sheffield
Getting started with vaping is fairly easy. You need a starter kit and a vape juice to give vaping a try but getting them is easier now that you have so many options to choose from. If you live in Sheffield, getting started with vaping is even easier.

You can find UK based online e-cig stores like Grey Haze that have a number of starter kits you can choose from. Whether you are a smoker looking for an alternative to smoking or a non-smoker wanting to try vaping as a hobby, you can always find a good starter kit to buy.

The same can be said for vape liquids. There are liquids with varying degrees of nicotine content, including options with 0mg of nicotine. New flavours are being developed and living in Sheffield means you often get the latest and greatest flavours first.

Offline and online communities
The rapid growth of vaping and the vaping industry in Sheffield is also in part due to the growing communities. The best way to find information about vaping is by browsing through online vaping communities. If you want to learn more about the latest gadgets and new flavours, you can also come to offline meet-ups or join local vaping communities that meet regularly.

The vaping communities in Sheffield are also behind the high awareness for vaping etiquette and safe vaping. Community members are actively altering the way vaping and vapers are seen. They are also advocating safe vaping, supporting the new, clearer regulation, and supporting the industry itself.

It’s here to stay
Vaping is no longer a one-time trend; it is certainly here to stay. The industry is now an international sensation, and it is big in the UK. Sheffield and its vaping culture are a part of that rapid growth.

Vaping is bringing additional benefits to the city. The economy behind vaping is helping the city as a whole. Manufacturers like Mirage are employing local workers and giving back to the communities around them. The same can be said for UK-based retailers like Grey Haze.

More importantly, vaping really helps reduce smoking in Sheffield. More studies are being conducted to see whether the council’s decision to push vaping as an alternative to smoking is a beneficial one, but the outlook so far is positive

Beyond the lively nightlife of the city and the many events and festivals it hosts, Sheffield may soon be recognised as the vaping capital of UK. Even better, it may even be seen as the vaping capital of the world.

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