Top tips for a night out in London

London is one of the renowned, most visited and busiest destinations across the globe because of its beautiful spots, amazing activities, and not to mention, delicious cuisines that allure people to visit it at least once.

Being amongst the late cities, London has a lot of exciting things to offer you. Whilst there are numerous activities you can partake in  can hit during the day hours, you definitely don’t want to miss out on some thrilling things you can do during the nighttime.

Hit Harrods
Are you a big fan of shopping? Or simply do you like walking around the luxurious and sparkling departmental stores with each of the shops having exciting things to offer? A trip to Harrods can turn your night into the most magical night. Though shopping any sort of commodity from these stores can cost you to pay an arm and a leg, just striding through each shop can still be a pleasant experience.

Go to a comedy show
Do you want to know how brilliant British humour is? If you’re lucky enough to have got extra time to explore London in the night hours, why not attend a comedy show? British sarcasm and the unique ways of comedians to entertain you would definitely bring that thousand dollars smile on your face. You can attend the Comedy Show, one of the most popular British comedy associations located close to Piccadilly Circus. Here, you can even sit and grab your smartphone and play mobile casino games until the show starts.

Explore London views
If you are already done watching the beautiful attractions in London during the daytime, get into a ‘See London By Night’ trip and explore the city to its fullest. Basically, this bus takes the passengers through all the famous locations of the city including St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, London Bridge, and a lot more spots.

Get a taste of London’s special dishes
Are you a big-time food lover? Well, you have come to the right place! London offers night food markets that mostly stay open in the summer days. Kerb Does Alchemy and Dinerama are two big names in this sector that serves all types of booze and street cuisines. Pizza, burger, and grilled barbecue ribs are some of the most delicious snacks you must try your hand at. What’s more? You are free to get access to the marketplace before 7pm but it costs around £4.40 for the people coming after the scheduled hours.

Pay a visit to the Shard
Who would not want to visit one of the tallest skyscrapers in the entire United Nations? Here you can either reach 72nd floor to grab an opportunity to see the beauty of the whole city from a certain height or you can hit a bar located in the palace. Generally, there exist six famous restaurants located in it namely, Aqua Shard, Lang, Oblix, Ting, Gong, and Huton. Now the good news is – these bars remain open till 1 AM allowing you a chance to make the most out of your night activities in London.

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