Three Christmas present ideas that will mean more than they cost

Buying gifts for those we love can be a wonderful experience, but more often than not it becomes more hectic than heartwarming as we all rush around spending time, money and effort trying to find the perfect gifts. Here, we thought we’d take Christmas presents back to basics by exploring a few ways you can make your Christmas presents mean more without breaking the bank.

All you need to do is add a personal touch, and no matter what gifts you’ve bought, they’re sure to be much more appreciated…

Get baking

Christmas is about family, friends and food, so why not don your metaphorical chef’s hat to create some tasty treats for your loved ones. By no means do you have to be a fantastic baker, as even a novice can create succulent brownies and adorable cookies with ease these days. We recommend heading over to Heron to pick up some brownie mix or frozen Millie’s cookie dough if you’re really stuck when it comes to creativity in the kitchen. Maybe even invest in some Christmas-themed cookie cutters, then gift wrap the treats to add a sweet touch to any present.


Each and every one of us has that one person in our lives who is tricky to buy for or that we just don’t know that well, so we usually end up getting them a scarf, a calendar or one of Boots’ body sets when they’re on sale. While that’s all well and fine, it’s always nice to really kick a gift like that up a notch by adding a personal touch. For example, instead of getting a puppy calendar, you could get a personalised calendar full of photos they’ll adore or get a monogrammed scarf with your initial of choice embroidered on it. As for the ever-present body set, try adding a little flare when wrapping the present and really make it feel as though you’ve put thought into their gift.

Vouchers can be personal, honest!
If body sets are the present for those who are difficult to choose gifts for, vouchers are usually one step below that. They’re for the person you know that is so tricky you’d rather they just buy themselves something they know they’ll like. Still, the vouchers you purchase don’t have to be the typical every-brand-in-the-world type or even worse for one shop that you’re not even sure they like. Instead, buy vouchers and gift cards for something you know they’ll appreciate. If they love PC gaming, get a Steam voucher; if they’re an avid movie fan, get cinema gift cards. Make sure that the gift card is personal by putting that extra little bit thought into it.

Christmas isn’t about spending the most money on someone, it’s about really taking the time to think about the people you’re close to. No matter how much you spend, nothing will ever be better than the feeling of being appreciated.

Image: Pexels

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