The growing cultural impact of sushi in Sheffield and beyond

Sushi is eaten and enjoyed by people all over the world and its popularity is only increasing. This ongoing popularity has also meant elements of sushi are now being used as products outside of the food industry itself.

Sushi used in other industries
Businesses have created several products to try and cash in on this popularity of sushi. Sushi dog toys, for example, are popular with our canine friends and their owners.

There have also been video games centred around sushi. Launched in 2018, ‘Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido’ was developed for the Nintendo Switch and received mostly positive reviews. The game is set in a world where sushi has been banned by a ruling elite.

It has also been used as a promotional tool in the casino industry. Websites such as have used it as inspiration for their casino-style online games. “The Way We Roll” is used as a slogan for this website, which adds to the quirky sushi-theme.

The growing popularity of sushi
Across Sheffield, there are several sushi restaurants listed on websites such as Deliveroo and Just Eat. Yama Sushi is one of the most popular. It has over 160 reviews on Trip Advisor and has a 4.5-star rating.

Sushi is generally popular around the whole of the UK. It is believed that our appetite for sushi and other types of Japanese food has grown immensely over the last twenty years. Further research from YouGov indicates that Japanese food is well received by people across the world.

A closer look at Yama Sushi
The graphics used on the Yama Sushi website indicates a possible link to gaming and traditional Japanese anime with the characters used. This same graphic is also used on the streets of Sheffield.

In addition to those positive Trip Advisor reviews, they often receive great feedback on social media. This Twitter user enjoyed his order, even though they had to take it home.

What other types of food have been used similarly?
Of course, sushi is not the only type of food that has had an impact beyond its nation of origin and culture. Did you know there are several games based on making pizza? One example of this is ‘Good Pizza, Great Pizza.’ The game has some great reviews on the Google Play Store. Due to the popularity, it has since been launched on the Nintendo Switch.

Looking into the future, food trends will inevitably change. The big question to ask is, will the types of food eaten in the future have the same wider impact across other industries?

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