The complete guide to men’s gym style 2019

After attempting to eat our own body weight in mince pies and Miniature Heroes, it’s fair to say that most of us are in dire need of a good gym session or two. Or ten.  

The festive period has resulted in some serious cases of ‘Christmas belly’ up and down the country, as we all reminisce about a time when we could fasten our belts without sucking in our breath and going red in the face. Of course, this is why so many guys are now thinking about digging out the tracksuit and hitting the treadmill once again.

However, it’s no longer a simple case of heading to the gym in your baggy t-shirt and worn-out trainers, because gym-goers are now expected to wear outfits that enhance performance, improve recovery and, ultimately, look good.

So, what should you wear to workout in 2019?                                                                                      

Kick things off with a stylish hoodie
Although you won’t wear them out on the training floor, stylish men’s jackets and hoodies have become an essential part of the modern gym wardrobe. Before you even get to the gym and begin your workout, you need to think about actually getting there; making sure you always look good and keep wrapped up against the chillier weather.

After all, dragging yourself out into the cold can often be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome, so it makes perfect sense to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. A snug puffer or bomber jacket should be perfect for coming and going during the colder months, while a simple hoodie is ideal for other times of the year.

The full tracksuit look
In fact, you could even get your hands on a performance hoodie if you did fancy working out in slightly warmer apparel. If you wanted to take things one step further, however, then you could pair this up with matching joggers to go for the classic “full tracksuit” look.

A stretchy, flexible pair of joggers has been the cornerstone of workout wardrobes for decades, allowing gym-goers to exercise in comfort without hampering their performance. Joggers with tapered bottoms are typically the preferred option, while you should also opt for a pair with zip-up pockets and an elastic waistband.

Once claimed by those dodgy-looking teens hanging around outside McDonald’s, the tracksuit has come back in a big way in recent times; becoming one of the most fashionable things you could wear on your next workout.

Risk a sleeveless tee
Make no mistake, opting for a sleeveless tee or vest could be considered a bit of a risk, simply because it’s so easy to get things dramatically wrong. You need to find a shirt that accentuates your features and perfectly fits your body type, while you should also try to avoid wearing something that’s way too tight, otherwise you could end up becoming a complete stereotype.

However, they also offer a freedom of movement that just can’t be ignored, and opting for something too baggy is bound to restrict that mobility and hamper your workout. Like we said, picking out that perfect sleeveless tee is a much harder task than it perhaps first appears, especially when you factor in all the different materials and vest types to consider.

Ultimately, you need to find a shirt that fits snugly around your body but doesn’t make you feel strangled or squashed. Once you’ve found one, you should pair it up with a classic pair of gym shorts to complete the look.

Enhance performance with compression clothing
Wrapping tightly around the body and providing fantastic levels of flexibility, compression clothing is designed to improve performance and reduce recovery time. Typically made from nylon or polyester materials, these pieces enhance breathability, regulate sweat and help to support different muscle groups.

Compression tights are particularly popular amongst those working on their cardio (but you’ll also need to find a good pair of gym shorts to wear over the top of these), while long and short-sleeve compression tops are also a great option for your workout.

Gym-goers typically opt for black designs, but don’t be afraid of going for something a little more colourful if that’s your preference. Either way, compression clothing will improve blood flow, prevent aching muscles and ultimately help you achieve the best men’s gym style in 2019.

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