Sheffield artists R1 & Dukz premiere new EP release ‘Only the Real’

Following a number of well-received releases, regularly totting up impressive view counts online and generating hype across the UK, Sheffield duo R1 & Dukz are ready to go public with their debut EP ‘Only The Real’. See above for a teaser before release date this Friday 16th November.

There’ll be a big launch party confirmed soon, which we’ll share news of when announced. In the meantime, here’s a quick chat we had with the artists in our October issue.

R1 & DUKZ ON… 

Growing up
R1: I grew up around S9 Wincobank, I went to school at King Edwards and got my GCSEs. I didn’t get very good grades – but I still got them! I ended up going to the bad side instead of the good side. Shit happened, but I survived; I’m still here doing my ting.
Dukz: I grew up in Arbourthorne (S2). We’re kind of mad up there still. When I first moved up there, I was the only black kid. It was kind of hard, but man survived though. I loved football, people like Ronaldinho, Ryan Giggs. Football was my life back then.

Trying to break through in the north
R1: It’s kind of hard. People don’t wanna pay as much attention as they do to the artists down south. That doesn’t bother me, man. Either way, I’m still gonna do my ting and just try and cut through. Just try and do my music and let people hear my music and my voice, let them know what I’ve been through and where I’ve been.

R1 & Dukz 
R1: Our sound is mad different, fam, some next shit. I can’t put a finger on it. I wouldn’t call it grime anyway, that’s for certain.
Dukz: He’s the hot-headed one. I’m calm, laidback.

Dukz: Shout out to my momma. Man’s a big man now, man’s got responsibilities. All the stuff I couldn’t have, all the mistakes I see get made… I’m trying not to do that, I’m trying to do things differently for my kids, point them in a different direction to mine.

Leaving a legacy
Dukz: I’m just looking to make a stamp in this game. Try and influence as many people as I can, show them where we come from. I’ve come from a crap place, so if we can get up and get out of there, anyone can get up and get out of there.


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