Review: Botell Volta, Stockholm

Situated in Stockholm, Sweden, Botell Volta is an excitingly innovative accommodation option that seeks to challenge the concept of a hotel and merge traditional service with a personal, unique touch. We stayed here for two nights whilst attending Summerburst Fest and we were well and truly impressed!

Botell Volta has a rich history, from its origins as an industrial site in the 19th century to the future facing complex it is today. Electronics are a key part of its vision; the highly successful vacuum company, Volta, aided the city’s 1920’s housing crisis by creating emergency homes within the factories which would later become what is known today as Botell Volta. Technology and electronics unsurprisingly continue to play a huge role within the hotel to this day, everything is modernised from the moment you step inside, the doors for example, are operated by a customized app – how amazing is that?! In fact, everything from checking in to exploring the local area can be done remotely from your phone. Using Botell’s state of the art technology, you can even delve into Botell’s intriguing past, so there’s really no reason not to go out and get discovering. Find yourself with a dead phone after a day of exploring? No worries, Botell has got you covered – there’s a phone charging port outside! If you aren’t tech savvy, don’t worry, they are clear instructions on how to use everything so you won’t be left high and dry.

Located within easy reach of all travel outlets (including Bromma Airport and Ulvsunda’s rail and tube stations) and housing over 80 apartments, Botell Volta is perfect for any holiday stay. However – Botell is unique in the fact that it feels much more tailored and permanent than a fleeting hotel room visit. Each room has a slightly different design, illustrating the thought that goes into the interior, but all are modern, spacious and filled with 21st Century necessities such as a dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer and most importantly – Netflix and YouTube. One of the rooms even has a frikkin’ tree in it!

A homely feel was present throughout our stay, even when we were out dancing our socks off, the thought of making hot chocolates and curling up on our big, cosy, fluffy beds was almost enough to tempt us to head back – almost. Home comforts including a personal kitchenette, comfy sofa and ensuite were provided alongside luxurious extras such as super-fast Wi-Fi and toiletries from the well-known brand, Rituals, all free of charge!

Botell Volta has the vision of independence – even offering guests the option to rent out or purchase their room – but still retains the essence of friendly service, all the staff were warm, welcoming and encompassed the motto of ‘if there is anything you need, we got it’.

This accommodation is perfect if you want to experience comfort amidst state of the art living advancements and would suit both family and friendship groups alike. What made our stay even better was the tranquillity, allowing us to truly take in the beautiful surroundings both inside and outside our rooms!

Visiting Stockholm any time soon? Click here to find out more and here to book!

They are also opening a new location at Stockholm South, Flemingsberg this Winter. Head here to check it out.

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