Refurbishing your home on a mid-range budget

When you’re wanting to renew or redecorate your home, but your budget doesn’t stretch to the moon, you’ll want to make the most of it. Spend more in the areas that will have a more visual impact and trim back in other places to save your pennies.

Here are a few suggestions for how to affordably refurbish your home…

Replace old curtains with a set of blinds
Blinds are modern and sleek. For newer homes, a set of made to measure blinds is a better bet than some new curtains that are more like something your grandma would have. Unless your home gets unusually cold and your heating system struggles to keep up, a set of blinds from the people at Fresh Ideas will do just fine.

You want to get blinds that fit perfectly without any gaps on any side, so no air will circulate around or rustle the blinds from their hanging position. There are plenty of products to choose from including child-proof ones, Venetian style for a classic look, or roller blinds available at DotcomBlinds if you prefer the pull-down variety.

Flooring replacement
When you have a floor that is badly in need of replacement because it’s wearing through, then you should attempt to strike a balance between price and longevity. Above a certain price point, both carpeting and floor tiles for the kitchen or bathroom are going to be both durable and functional.

If you try to save too much money, the quality of the materials won’t hold up over time. Therefore, establish the point where you’re getting durability for the price. From that point and with higher prices, you’re paying for better flooring design to enhance the overall décor.

The design is a personal choice. Does an exclusive grain on a new hardwood floor honestly matter to you when it’s 20 percent pricier? Does a prettier design for the bathroom floor warrant the extra cost? When concerned about your budget, consider whether you can learn how to replace the flooring yourself rather than pay someone to do it. That may allow you to spend more on materials because you’ve just eliminated the cost of labour.

Hang some mirrors
What you don’t want is blank painted walls with nothing adorning them. If your budget won’t stretch to artwork, then consider adding some mirrors on a few walls. It’s not for vanity! The mirrors reflect light around the room making it brighter even when the natural light is starting to fade. The reflection also plays a few tricks with the mind because it makes smaller rooms feel more substantial than they really are in the same way that an unfurnished room looks more expansive. And when a mirror isn’t suitable, try a framed photographic print instead.

Also, look at the energy consumption at home. Perhaps the windows or water heater isn’t being as efficient as you believe. If your energy bill is unusually high during the colder months, look at why that might be? Book an appointment with an inspector to review energy consumption if it seems like there might be an ongoing problem.

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