Online casino games: Live dealer VS RNG

In the world of online casinos, there are two distinct methods of appreciating real money table games; RNG (random number generator) and live dealer. Whether you are keen on roulette or a passionate blackjack player, both enable you to experience the thrills from the comfort of your home.

For many people, RNG and live dealer are interesting and can be accessible on mobile and computer in most online gambling establishments. Nonetheless, they have some advantages and drawbacks as well. This article will explain the differences between them, allowing you to choose which game is better suited to your style of gambling, and why not try both?

Features of live casino games
Live casino gaming is an attractive activity that offers to the players a real atmosphere. The main feature of live gambling is that the best live dealer casino sites have the highest possible table limits with many options increase the chance of winning. Here are the pros and cons of playing live dealer casino games:

  • Real-time gaming with real dealers. The most obvious advantage of live casinos is the opportunity to see the dealer spinning the wheel or dealing the cards to you in a convivial atmosphere from the game developer’s studio. Honestly, the sound effects and the latest video streaming technologies will contribute an authentic gaming experience. Playing a game with the dealer casino is closest to the land-based casino.
  • Trustworthy. The live dealer has become crowd-pleasing as they are more trustworthy than RNG games. The gamblers tend to confide in the croupiers instead of the computers. Although the RNG programmes are regularly tested for fairness, it is difficult to trust the machine.
  • Brick and mortar atmosphere. Feel the land-based atmosphere through your desktop with the live dealer games. If you choose, for example, playing blackjack, you can chat with the dealer and other players, creating an exciting mood which is not similar to other methods of gambling.
  • Available for play anytime and anywhere. Today, every online casino has live dealer section that you can play 24/7. You are able to enjoy all types of live games on your sofa at your convenience. Nonetheless, be sure to have a strong internet connection in order to appreciate a great gambling experience.
  • Limited games variations. Although live casino games have a great success in the online gambling market, their diversity cannot be compared to the RNG version. Actually, a limited range of games is available as running them require high expenses. So the live casinos only launch the most popular version.

Features of RNG casino games
For the past few years, RNG casino games have become well-known giving many benefits to gamers. The RNG or Random Number Generator is built-in software that determines the outcome of a gaming session.

It can’t predict the result of the previous session nor cannot give favour to the players. Today, RNG gambling games are still appreciated by certain people despite the existence of live dealer games. We will take a look at the pros and cons of playing RNG games.

  • RNG casino games are regularly tested. The games are fair as this technology has the role to make sure the outcome of the games in totally random. For example, with the so-called roulette wheel, you can never predict their results. It is the case of the famous online table games. Therefore, RNG will ensure the players that all the games that use this innovation are fair and trustworthy.
  • A wide range of variants available. One of the great benefits of RNG games is the freedom to choose your preferred one from various types. In table games like blackjack, the only place to discover multiple types is in the RNG casino games. The gamblers can divert with many variations like double exposure blackjack, Atlantic City blackjack, pontoon, pirate 21, and more.
  • Free in practice mode. The newcomers can try out as RNG games can be played for free. They can train with the various games trying to build effective strategies before using their money. Mind that making more training will increase your chance of gathering a huge amount of money.
  • Loneliness. It is undeniable that some gamblers prefer playing alone in their quiet rooms. However, when it comes to the online table games, the players should play against the dealer. Unfortunately, they miss the opportunity to socialise with the croupiers while choosing internet games. The atmosphere of a real casino doesn’t exist and sometimes, you will feel a bit lonely.

So what is better?
Internet casinos are an evolving way to discover your loved games. Technology impacts the gambling environment and nowadays, the table games’ fans are able to play against the real dealer. These live dealer games address more benefices and have raised the popularity in the planet.

You can socialise with the kind croupiers as well as with other players by choosing this live dealer version. The thrilling you will experience will surely be memorable especially when it is your first time. On the other hand, feel free with the large choice of RNG gambling games and try to be the best with their free mode. Whatever your choice is, one thing is for sure, loads of fun is waiting for you.

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