Metal gear anniversary

Metal Gear Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Metal Gear!

Who knew that a man using a cardboard box to evade the enemy’s sight would go on to define some of the best games ever made? After Konami’s initial release of the first Metal Gear back in 1987, the phenomenal franchise has gone on to create over 15 other titles, including the genre-defining stealth classic Metal Gear Solid and more recent brilliance with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Fans have taken to twitter to celebrate the success of Metal Gear, praising their favourite moments in the franchise and, of course, Hideo Kojima for creating the weird but wonderful world of Metal Gear. The franchise has now sold over 51 million copies worldwide, all from humble beginnings as a MSX2 2-D computer game.

Over the years, people have come to adore the various characters. There’s the iconic, cigar-smoking Solid Snake with his scruffy voice and absolute kick-arse attitude, but who could forget Otacon and his resounding wail of “SNNAAAAKKKEE!” when Snake kicked the bucket? Good times.

But what lead to those countless deaths? Those brilliantly peculiar boss battles, of course! Many games have tried to mimic these game-defining masterpieces, such as the extremely tactical and intense battle with The End, an “Ancient Sniper” who would die from old age if you left the battle go on for over 24 real-time hours. The classic fight between Solid Snake and Ocelot that came to its explosive end in Metal Gear Solid 4 brought nostalgic tears to players eyes, with each epic punch being delivered giving more appreciation to Snake’s legacy.

Clearly, there is so much about Metal Gear to adore. From its way-too-long cut scenes to its unforgettable dramatic musical score (what a thrill…), Metal Gear will always have a special place in gamer’s hearts, no matter what iteration of the game people have played. With Kojima having left Konami, the franchise is now in a questionable place – but nothing can change the impact it has had on the gaming world over the last three decades.

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