Have online casinos completed their transition to gaming?

Back in the day, there was a clear distinction between casino entertainment and video games. The first machines in the gambling industry were slots, but they looked nothing like video game stations or consoles. Then came the age of the internet and everything has changed. Now you can experience virtual casino and play live online roulette games on Mega Casino within a few clicks.

What is the main difference between casino and video games?
Many people see the difference between these types of games from a moral standpoint. Gambling is seen as an addictive and “dirty” game that can lead to significant financial problems, which is why it’s illegal in many parts of the globe. On the other hand, video games are seen as completely legal, harmless form of entertainment that is often played by children.

However, the irony is that casino and video games share something from both worlds. Video games can also be addictive, even more than some forms of gambling. They also require money in order to be played and some of the popular titles can be very expensive, not to mention how much the latest gaming consoles cost.

Casino games definitely put you at risk of continually losing larger amounts of money, but you still have a chance to earn some of it back and even make a profit if you get lucky.

The evolution of video slots
The slot machines were relatively simple in the past century. You usually had three reels with only a few symbols that you needed to match in a single spin. If a lucky number 7 landed on all the reels, you would win a jackpot. There were some themed games of this kind, but not as many of them as there are today.

By just looking at the UK online slots available at, you can see how many different games of this kind exist nowadays. Almost all of them have a sort of theme, and they are filled with special symbols, bonus features, and advanced mechanics. More so, the graphics look amazing, just like in modern video games.

However, can you enjoy slot games if you don’t wish to risk any money? As a matter of fact, there are free video slots all over the web. You can spin them as much as you want without the need to leave a deposit.

You might wonder what’s the point of playing a gambling game if you can’t win any money. How do developers and hosting websites earn from these games and where’s the fun of it? We assume that it probably is a strategy of slot operators that are trying to get you hooked on video slots in free play, so you can later get an urge to play them for real money. But then again, this is exactly the same thing video games do when they offer you their demo versions and a bunch of DLCs that cost additional money.

The bottom line is that the popularity of slots is huge. It is a well-known fact that games of this type represent the largest portion of the revenue for all casinos. The developers have constantly been keeping up with the latest technological trends of the video game world, and that’s why you currently have 3D and virtual reality slots as well.

Virtual sports and table and card games
One of the newer forms of gambling is virtual sports. It’s a way for casinos and sportsbooks to earn money despite the number of sporting events that are currently offered. Virtual matches will provide you with a feeling of watching a sports video game between two teams that is controlled by a computer.

Table and card games have also taken their virtual form. In this day and age, you can play roulette, blackjack, poker, and many other games right in front of your computer or a mobile device screen.

Without a doubt, the line between a casino and video games is getting thinner as we speak. Both forms of entertainment are using the same platforms for playing, and casino games, like slots, have started to look like actual video games. The monetary aspect as the main difference between the two is pretty arguable at the moment as playing video games still requires money, while nowadays you can find many slots that can be played for free.

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