From Slingo to Record Labels: Gaming’s Exciting Combinations and Collaborations

When it comes to the entertainment world and inspirations, it really does seem like nothing is off-limits these days.

Films, TV shows and video games are based on all kinds of themes and genres, while they have even been known to influence each other as well. For example, how many times have we seen video games based on big-screen blockbusters and vice-versa?

Some new killer combinations are particularly popping up in the gaming world right now, with intriguing ideas emerging from the online casino world and other areas.
New experiences

Sticking with casino gaming, for the time being, it is fair to say that the industry is never short of ideas. Online casino sites are jam-packed with games, from online slots to live casino titles that make use of streaming technology. However, another intriguing form of gaming has successfully combined bingo and slots. As Paddy Power explains, Slingo bingo offers a bingo experience with features that will be familiar to slots fans. Players essentially set the size of their stake and then spin the reels. The latter determines the numbers and any matches will be marked off on your game grid.

Like many other forms of casino gaming, Slingo has embraced a range of themes. For instance, Paddy Power features games based on Deal or No Deal and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, as well as others inspired by well-known slots like Rainbow Riches. This means that players have a range of styles to choose from, with each title having its own features and bonuses.
Crossovers and more

But while Slingo may be making its mark in the casino world, plenty of fascinating combinations are also emerging in other forms of gaming.

For example, VGC recently reported on an apparent leak related to a new Ubisoft multiplayer title known as ‘Battlecat’. The site explained that one of the most intriguing aspects of the project is how it may bring together elements from several different games. More specifically, it will reportedly combine features from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, The Division and Splinter Cell.

Gaming is also looking away from its own industry for new combinations and collaborations. For instance, at the end of May, NME revealed how Rockstar Games is collaborating with CircoLoco to create a record label. CircoLoco Records is set to release its first album in July, with the move building on the crucial role that music has played in Rockstar titles like Grand Theft Auto in recent years.

Refreshed and reinvigorated
All in all, it is fascinating to consider how the gaming world continues to refresh and reinvigorate itself. The industry has combined existing concepts to create eye-catching new experiences, while it is looking further afield for new opportunities in some cases as well.

As the information above highlights, there have been notable developments in recent years and some others appear to be in the pipeline too. It will be interesting to see what else emerges and whether more imaginative ideas can be created for the months and years ahead.

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