Buying a Record Player? Here Are Tips From Hard-Core Vinyl Record Collectors

If you’re looking to buy a record player, you’re in luck: this is one of the best years for home audio in recent history. Not only are there more high-quality turntables available than ever before, but there are also more high-quality records being pressed than ever before. One of the most significant changes to the vinyl market in recent years is that the record industry is once again producing a wide range of high-quality, limited-edition, and new-release LPs. But what things do you need to look out for?


Before you go out on a spending spree, you should ensure that you have come up with a budget that you can afford. Record players vary massively in price, and you can go from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands pretty quickly. You should note that you don’t have to spend the GDP of a small country to get the best sound quality and you also don’t need to buy new. There are plenty of places that sell second-hand models of the top brands.

Sound Quality

There is nothing much better than sitting back and enjoying your vinyl collection on a quality turntable. With the right equipment, you can ensure that your vinyl is crisp and clear so that you can hear every last detail of the music. However, there are many turntables out there, and you want to make sure that you get one that is as good as your records deserve. 


The first thing to consider is the quality of your turntable. A turntable that features a belt-driven motor will generally produce better sound quality than a turntable that uses a direct-drive motor because a direct-drive turntable puts a lot of strain onto the motor, which can then be passed on to the sound quality. Top Record Players are turntable professionals and have several articles that can help you to ascertain audio quality, including some possible causes and fixes. There are many ways to improve the sound quality of a record player. You can replace the cartridge, the stylus, or even the turntable itself. While these are all worth doing, it’s also essential to focus on the quality of the actual record. Record wear is the single most crucial factor to sound quality, so if you want your vinyl to sound as good as possible, you should buy or make records that are in the best condition.



Ideally, you will want a record player that is easily moveable from room to room. Some can be closed into the form of a suitcase making it very easy to move it around. The suitcase style also gives it some protection against knocks and bumps. Nevertheless, there are pros and cons to each side of the argument. Record player portability advocates believe that the records are meant to be moved from place to place. They think that the point of playing an album on a record player is to bond with the music in a personal way. They also believe that sharing an album with others is a much richer experience to connect with it together. The opposite side of the argument says the purpose of a record player is just to sit and listen to an album. This is the primary purpose of a record player, and portability should not be considered when purchasing one.

Audio Inputs and Outputs

The type of inputs and outputs will vary significantly on how you listen and enjoy your music. You will need an aux input to plug in headphones if you want to completely immerse yourself in the sound and hear every little detail. Conversely, if you’re going to have the sound play around the house, you will need various outputs to plug it into a speaker system.


Finally, you come to design. This is sometimes overlooked by audiophiles who only have the quality of sound in their minds. However, it is an essential factor because it will be on display and become a part of the style of your house. If you get one that you don’t like the look of, you may regret the purchase no matter how good the sound is.


With the popularity of vinyl records now at an all-time high, it looks like this is the perfect time to buy a record player. However, deciding which one to buy can be a daunting task; there are many options, and the record players themselves can vary significantly in terms of price, features, and durability. An excellent place to start is your local music store. They will have a range of record players available, from the budget-priced beginner models to the high-end, audiophile turntables. 


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