8 things to do in Sheffield

With a history of being an industrial giant, famed for its large steel production, today Sheffield has undergone a transformation. What emerges now is a prosperous city, lush green and with a great emphasis on being environment-friendly.

Visiting the ‘Steel City’ of England can be an exhilarating experience, but that doesn’t mean you leave out Sheffield’s historical and cultural sights. It may surprise you to know that Sheffield’s theatre complex is the largest outside London and it also has a rich music scene that can be seen on international stages.

There’s a lot to do and see in Sheffield, so if you’re ever in these parts, come by and take in at least eight of the many things you can enjoy here.

#1. Sheffield Botanical Gardens
If you’re here in the spring, the Botanical Gardens is a wonderful place to take a walk. Its 19-acre spread houses over 5,000 plant species, and in these months most of the plants are in bloom. Don’t miss out on entering the glasshouses which have temperate plants from Asia, Australia and South Africa, and the Victorian Garden and the Four Seasons Garden.

If you still feel you haven’t had your fill of the gardens, head over to the Winter Gardens which houses over 2500 plants in what’s one of UK’s largest glasshouses for temperate plants. Check out the water features in the neighbouring Peace Gardens and settle down comfortably on the manicured lawns here.

And if you’re with your family, the gardens are the best place to be, and for you and your spouse, there are music shows, art and drama too. And here’s the best news: admission to these gardens is absolutely free!!

#2. Millennium Gallery
This museum isn’t only popular among locals and tourists because it’s free but also because its art gallery and museum displays changing and permanent exhibitions art and design works. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, its displays come from London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, among others.

Among its permanent collections is the one created by John Ruskin that is an inspiration to the residents of Sheffield. There’s also a Metalwork collection of the city’s steel products, which is worth seeing.

#3. Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet
Near Sheffield’s city center you’ll find the Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, an absolutely amazing 18th century Victorian village, where you can learn all that there is to know about producing steel scythes. It finds applications in the warehouses, water wheels, grinding hulls, tilt hammers and much more, as you will explore here.

#4. Tropical Butterfly House Wildlife & Falconry Centre
Actually, this centre houses more than butterflies and falcons. Here, you will be pleasantly surprised to come across lemurs, otters, reptiles, owls, meerkats, birds of prey and screeching parrots.

Apart from doing dare-devil things like patting a lemur, you can take snapshots of butterflies, feed farm animals and meet meerkats. Wind up at the café and enjoy the afternoon tea and cakes.

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#6. Kelham Island Museum
A man-made island in the industrial city of Sheffield, the Kelham Island Museum attracts people from all over the world. The subjects of the exhibits here are related to industry. They include steel production and a 12,000 HP River Don steam engine which is powered up twice a day. It also documents and showcases the city’s centuries-old industrial and scientific innovations.

It also has revamped workshops, 19th century steam engines and has a vast and proud collection of photographs and artefacts that stand for the city’s industrial history that impacted the world.

#7. Go hiking through the Peak District
Known to have the highest ration of trees per head in Europe, Sheffield is as green as it can get. With about 33% of the city located within the Peak District National Park, Britain’s first national park, this park has a lot of moorland a large network of footpaths and hiking trails.

So, if you’ve had enough and more of the city, go hiking up the hills and enjoy the fresh air. And while you’re in the Peak District, visit Chatsworth House, a charming country house, mentioned in Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

#8. Graves Park
A little away from the city centre is Graves Park, known to have the largest public lung space and ideal amusement for the whole family. If you’re with your kids, they’re going to love seeing farm animals and getting to pat goats, donkeys and llamas.

There are a lot of amusement activities for kids like a train, nature trails, and they can also play cricket, football and tennis.

This is just a sampling of what Sheffield has on offer for tourists. Stay a little longer, mingle with the residents and you can see much more of this charming city. The city’s speciality restaurants, clubs and bars are distinctive in style and offerings and are great places to hang out.

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