5g is taking over the world

The 5G technology is taking the world by storm. It is not just about the high speed anymore; 5G is much more than that. Many countries and big companies are investing in promising technology.

Pretty much every other technology itself is dependent on a network and this is where 5G holds a very important role. Still, under development, improvements are being made every now and then in the revolutionary technology. Today, all the companies have requirements of a fast network. 5G provides the fastest network possible and will effectively save some valuable time.

Companies and countries are battling it out
Countries are spending big on technology already. According to reports, currently, America is winning the race for 5G. The first testing of the brand-new technology will be done somewhere in the U.S. The big Asian powers like China, Japan, and India are expected to follow America for the launch of 5G in 2019 and Europe will follow suit in coming years.

The big electronics company, Nokia has reportedly has reached an agreement with the European Investment Bank to loan out a sum of 300 million euros to spend on the development of 5G. At the moment, China and America are the front-runners in the race of leadership of this innovative tech. However, European countries are slowly catching up too. Nokia’s deal worth billions gives the idea of what is coming next. Knowing the importance of this technology, soon more companies are set to spend even a bigger amount.

5G – The next big thing
Sooner or later, this tech will cover the whole world in the network. 5G is set to provide the highest network speed ever. This will possibly get the job done in seconds which now takes a few minutes. The online gaming industry often suffers from a lack of network speed. 5G will change it, the players will be able to play online games like FIFA, PUBG or play rainbow riches slot and other casino games at ease without any unwanted buffering. Thereby, live streaming will not lag behind anymore.

5G promises a speed such high that it will let the high definition audios and videos to be downloaded in a matter of seconds. All the smart devices that require a network like smartwatches will work flawlessly with such high speed. Every industry is already so dependent on a fast, secure network, however, the network speed sometimes disappoints big time. But with the introduction of 5G, this is set to change. With relatively much higher speed and better network, the jobs will be done in no time at ease.

There is an estimation of more than one billion consumers of 5G by 2025. It is set to revolutionise the media sector that entirely depends on a strong and fast network. The terms like “buffering” on YouTube or “lagging” on a live stream will be a thing of the past soon, once the world is introduced to hi-fi 5G.

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