5 Ways to Look Like a Celebrity

What is the secret of modern style icons like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, or Jennifer Lopez in terms of their ideal images? How do they manage to look so incredible in their Hollywood hectic lifestyle? Is it an art that everyone can learn or they’re just witches? Let’s find out the cost of their irresistible awesomeness.

No doubt, they spend lots of money and time to maintain their beauty and style, and eminent professionals work on their images. But is it really essential to have those budgets and possibilities that celebrities have to turn the heads? Well… we’ve got 5 tips that will definitely help you to find the answer to ‘How to look like a celebrity?’ question.

1. Take Care of your Health like a Celebrity

Trends come and go, but health is one of those things which are always in fashion.

Healthy hair, healthy body, healthy skin look great even without bright makeups, fantastic hairstyles, and trendy outfits, so the first step to looking like a celebrity is to take care of your physical and moral health.

Don’t neglect morning exercises or gym workouts, jogging, running, or any other type of physical activity to keep maximally fit. Drink a lot of water, stick to the balanced diet, take vitamins, and try to sleep as much as possible.

Invest in your body and the result will be not long in coming.


2.Dress to Impress like a Celebrity 

The easiest way to look like a celebrity is to dress like a celebrity.

If you’re not really a fashionista and picking out clothing is not your cup of tea, ask yourself: “Which celebrity do I look like?” (Consider the height, body proportions, and appearance). After that skim the best outfits of the chosen celebrity and try to use them as a model.

Don’t worry if you can’t find exactly the same dress or shorts – remember that you can always get clothing tailored especially for you. (In this case, by the way, you’re guaranteed to have a perfect size and fit).

Be careful with experiments and keep it in mind that you’re gonna look better in a simple skirt that fits ideally, than in a pompous and screaming one that is fashionable but doesn’t fit you or the occasion.


3. Hollywood Hairstyle and Make-Up is not a Dream

Falter between a line bob with bangs and a long dyed cascade? Choose both!

The thing is the more you experiment with your hairstyle and make-up the more prepared you become for various events, occasions, and big days. Your main task is to find out what kinds of make-up fit you, which hairstyles look great and which just resemble a haystack on your hair.

Indeed, you can’t do it by yourself, and professional stylists’ help is vital here. Don’t have enough money to attend different makeup and hairdressing classes? You can be a model for students in a celebrity salon. Usually, it’s free, or costs just a half of the regular charge.

All you need is to follow their Instagram accounts and wait for the announcement.


4. Professional Help to Perfect your Look 

Dentists, cosmetologists, plastic surgeons… Today’s medicine has lots to offer to emphasize your beauty. Multiple cosmetic treatments are absolutely safe these days and they probably can do everything: hide some shortcomings, change the body proportions, refresh the appearance, or even change it beyond all recognition. But the most important thing is to be healthy while looking pretty, and that’s why you may want to consider the dentist in lunenburg for your dental needs. 

Still wondering which celebrity you look like? You can look like anyone.


5.  Be Yourself 

No matter how much you like J Lo or Selena Gomez, you’re not them. You’re another person, absolutely unique human being, who is different and beautiful.

Don’t compare yourself to celebrities, don’t lose your authenticity and, believe, others will love your true self.

And, finally, always keep it in mind: the only person you should be comparing yourself to is the old version of yourself. Just become a better you, not almost as good as somebody else.

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